Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March spin

Finished my March spin with one day to spare. Here are 3 balls of singles totalling 200g. Seems I can only fit about 70g on the bobbin at a time, but it's easy to wind it off onto the ball winder. The fiber is Ewe Give Me The Knits merino/silk in "Peppercorn". I'm pleased with my consistency this time, and the 2ply yarn came out at 400m, which makes it about Worsted Weight. I do not know how people can spin a three-ply sock yarn!
Could not get a good shot of the true color, but there's a better photo on Ravelry, which is what inspired me to buy Peppercorn in the first place :D.

Monday, March 21, 2011

More blue

I rolled up the yarn from the last post and started my scarf straight away :)

All I did, basically, was knit a magic loop tube of 30 stitches.

Two meters/ 310 rows/ 9300 stitches later, my 200g ball of Luxury 10ply came to an end.

And because it's just a tube, not only do I get a double-sided non-rolly stocking stitch scarf, but I can turn it inside out for some variety.

I considered giving this to my sister, who is heading off to Freezengland to be a nanny (of sorts). I imagined her wrapping it twice around her neck and then putting an arm in each end. Or wrapping it around the neck of "her" two year old's neck, and putting an end on the head of each twin baby. Or putting a knot in one end and using it to store her English yarn stash.
But I love it!
Sorry, Kel. Maybe I'll have to make another one!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cables, yarn, puppies

This is my Star Crossed Slouchy Beret. Sort of.

I made the whole thing with 5mm needles instead of 8mm needles (oooops!) and now it's Jasmine's.

She loves it, but she's developed a camera-aversion, and ran off after this. Must make another one in the proper size. It's a simple, free, easy, quick and nice hat, and looks good in BWM luxury "denim".
Decided I was in a blue mood yesterday, so while my sister was over (distracting the kids) I made a big skein of Luxury in "cream" (200g) and wet it, pulled it out (wrapping it around my wrist), added dye to the pot, and slowly lowered it in. My plan is to make socks with blue and white stripes. We'll see. The way things are going they'll be legwarmers for the girl, to match my blue cabled hat, and the cream cowl that will probably fit her better than me.
Maybe I'll make myself a scarf with 8mm needles ;)

This skein, twisted up tightly, was longer than I am, so about 6-foot :D
Just a random photo of Byron from the other day. We went to visit my brother's dog (Bella) and the seven Beagle puppies. Sigh!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bored of stitches...

Since I currently have a shelf-ful of WIP's (and don't feel like working on any of them) I decided to whip up a quick felted scarf for the sheer satisfaction of finishing something!

This time I was determined to make it thinner, so I laid down three thin layers of Mocha and Nutmeg from Garments and Gadgets (which I bought in Bendigo last July). It was about 3m long at the beginning, but 2m when felted. It's a bit fragile-feeling, but fairly evenly see-through, and weighs 46g. Only took a couple of hours, and most of that was 'during the ad breaks'. hehe.

Sorry about the dodgy photo. Want to see some more brown?

Nutkin number one has passed the heel, but I am now a bit sick of that pattern.

I've recently started a pond-scum-green cable jumper and pink socks for Jasmine, a blue hat and a white cowl for me. Byron's birthday comes first, though, so I'm thinking up ideas for him. He wants black. Sigh. I barely have any black, but it's his favorite color, so I may have to shop... ;)

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