Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Reset my Circular Sock Machine last month, and cranked up a long tube of some hand-dyed sport weight yarn. These socks seem to knit up quickly; there are only 54 stitches to deal with. I did dye up some extra bits, though, to make sure they were long enough. Of course, they ended up a bit too long. Hehe.

I did finish a couple of them in November, to hand in to the HPKCHC game for imaginary points (Slytherin won the Quidditch and House Cups, by the way.)

And then, when I was running out of time, spun up this quick spin in about a day

Lovely stuff, that merino/silk.

This December I'm having a month off from the game. There's a month off every 4th month, but if you do a NEWT, you fill that month with work. So next month I'll start an OWL, and in the meantime I've been finishing socks.

The red sport weight ones.

These fingering weight ones for the Box O Sox

And these

I now have 12 socks in my Box O Sox (which was the goal), though there's another nearly-finished pair. I'm filling up December with unfinished WIPs... and then I can start the year with lots of new stuff. :)

More things from November:

Two pairs of socks finished for "detention" and the Box O Sox

This NEWT jumper: Catherine by Glenna C

It was So Much Work, and now it's packed away in my "out of season" box for the Summer :)

So many pretty cables, front and back.

Although I'm not completely happy with the neck. It was way too big (after the pieces were blocked) so I had to frog some rows of the front shoulders, and now it's a bit uneven (front to back). Plus my seaming leaves a lot to be desired... but it is warm!

Speaking of warm, this!!

120x170cm and 1400y (held tripled) of my handspun. My handspun boxes are much neater, now.

And, of course, I found time for a bit of spinning...

Bond in "Dot"

"Closer to Home" and "Starman" BFL (2 skeins for socks and heels)

Next project, apart from WIPs, is going to be a strange double-knit one that should be both fun and infuriating :) called "Null Hypothesis".

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