Friday, February 9, 2018

Too easy, too hard.

Look at this for a silly project. Bendigo Woollen Mills fingering weight cotton goes great through my CSM, as it happens; I had to use it for something, so I made up three long seatbelt covers. Hehe.

The only spinning I’ve done so far is this, the third skein of  “White Pepper”. I love it, but I didn’t love finding broken bits in the second skein when I picked it up... I’ve got some of those moths, I think, that nibble holes in wool! (I’ll get them!)

Thought I’d use up some handspun and make a quick scarf. For some reason, the warp used a lot more yarn than the weft, and I had lots left over (which is annoying) and the warp colors are really dominant (which is also annoying). Live and learn.

I was happy, though, because as soon as Zac saw it, he tried to convince me that he’d “forgotten” that he’d meant to ask me for a purple scarf for his birthday... LOL

Made Nathan some birthday socks again. Because they’re ribbed and knit with two strands of sock yarn held together (for toughness and good fit) I have to do them by hand (unlike Zac’s). This time he got blue, so he has green, blue and brown socks. They take ages to knit; next time, remind me to make them in November, so he gets them on time!

Zac got blue socks, too. His request was “blue socks with no heels”, so I dyed up some blue variegated yarn. Then I decided to dye some grey, too, and make him two pairs, one blue with grey toes/cuffs and one grey with blue toes/cuffs.

He loves them. Knitworthy kid, this one.

For my OWL, I’ve been learning Double-knitting. It’s very, very slow. Basically, it’s two sided knitting, doing both sides at once. Every stitch on the chart is actually a pair; the first is knit as written, and the second is purled with the other strand of wool (ie, knitting on the other side with the opposite color). This is the grey side of chart two, and the white side of chart one. So far so good, except that it’s So Slooooooow. Takes me an hour to do 5 rows, when I’m concentrating and they’re easy rows. Hehe.

And now, for some more of that double-knitting...

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