Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twisty Tube Socks

I'm going to write up this simple sock pattern, just for the fun of linking all my socks to my pattern on Ravelry :) I'm planning to make a bunch of these for Socks for Pakistan.


I used two strands of wool/nylon sock yarn (hand-dyed) held together, and two 3.5mm circular needles. But this pattern would be pretty adjustable. Just remember that a tight gauge makes fabric that lasts longer.

Cast on

Cast on 8 with a disappearing circular caston. Slide to other end and knit one row, as if doing icord, to join in the round (as in the video).

KF&B x8 (16) (This is where I change to two circulars)
K one round

Toe increases

(KF&B, K3) x4 (20)
K one round

(KF&B, K4) x4 (24)
K one round

Continue in this pattern until there are 48st (or a multiple of six that you like). Place a marker for the start of the round.

Foot and Leg
a. K3, P3 for 5 rounds.
b. Remove marker, P1, replace marker for the new start-of-the-round.

Repeat a and b until the sock is finished. Use a stretchy castoff like Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Cast Off.

(Another way to do it is keep the same start-of-round, and after the five rounds, move the rib. I just repeat the last stitch of the round before, and then carry on the 3x3, moving each rib one to the left for that round.)

See how they fit my 10-inch foot and my 3yo's little feet?

Too easy :)


kelgell said...

Hmm, I had started some socks and I've knit a bit but I already don't remember what I did at the start and no sure I wrote it down. I might frog it and try this instead. Sounds interesting and the multicolour yarn I have isn't the selfstriping kind so I think it will add a nice touch. How do you do your heels? I've only ever done short rows but wondering about having a go at toe-up heel flaps.

Alrischa said...

That is the thing about these socks. They don't have a heel or sole. They just stretch to fit all around. That's why I'm making them for Socks for Pakistan; if you can turn them around each time you wear them, they don't wear out so quickly.

I'll put some pictures on this post eventually, but I haven't finished yet :)

kelgell said...

Versatile. I like it.

Lynne said...

Sounds like a very interesting pattern - thanks for sharing.

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