Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Watermelon hat

I picked this color for watermelon because it wasn't "pink"... so if this baby is a boy it won't be weird to put it on him. Turns out, though, it's the exact color of the watermelon I had in my fridge Ü

In the absence of a baby capable of modelling the hat, I have used Byron's dog, Sam. The green is moss stitch (I don't like the st st roll) and all but the white and black are merino totem, which is very nice wool to knit with. Might try and block it with a baby soccer ball inside... smooth out the top.

Here is Byron's Zoomy vest (with ears and a bit of fluff around the hood). The fluff was to cover the knot, made by Patons to join yarn in the middle of the ball... they cut the ends so short I couldn't do anything with them, so, naturally, it ended up on the front edge of the hood. A fluffier edging would have been better, I think, but that was all I could find to match. The photo doesn't do it justice... hopefully next week I can put up a picture of B wearing it... if he will.

The finished product: my Palindrome Scarf became 1.5m after its super-fringe. (I had to buy a whole new ball, so I thought I may as well use it up).

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