Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Testing testing

Woot! I think I’ve figured out a way to post blogs with my little ipod. So this is something of a test; we’ll see how it turns out.
I haven’t been able to post here for ages. My trusty old computer will not connect to the Internet, except the iTunes store, and I don’t know how to fix it. Annoying!
So, last month…
I think I showed you the colorful handspun yarn? These are the entrelac gloves I made with it.
Then I spun up 4 lots of purple Bond and 2 of Spelsau, and plied them all together at the start of September. I did the plying on my old Ashford Traditional, because it has a jumbo flyer, and I’ve never tested its limit. Its limit, apparently, is about 300g! These giant skeins are so fat! I love ‘em.
I had a 70g skein of Bond leftover, so I started with that. This time my Idlewood has a ribbed cowl neck, and I’ve just switched to the first fat skein and am doing raglan increases. The fat skeins are two strands of Bond (more soft, less tough) and one of Spelsau (more tough, less soft) in the hope that it’s a good mix of nice-to-wear and wears-well.
Also, I got my new nephew! I gave Joshua his little tops, and gave his sister Jasmine’s 3rd birthday top (same wool as the green, so they can match). Hope he’s able to wear them a few times before he grows big! :)
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