Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Ysolda

Ishbel is done!

The real colors. Silly camera.

Pinned out. Don't look too closely for errors Ü

At the official picture location (back step).

Wore it today, and it was very warm and cosy! Jasmine tried to get chocolate cake on it, so I stuffed it in my pocket (It isn't very big, really). Had 23 grams of my birthday yarn left.

One WIP down, [cough, cough] to go.

By the way, Sam, Jack, Joey, Kelly and I had fun knitting in public on Saturday, sitting in Fun Bugs while the kids ran around. Everyone was really nice (although that Kelly was quite weird!) and we drank lots of cuppas. I guess they keep the place cool so the parents will drink hot drinks and the kids won't be too hot to run around Ü. Thanks for organizing it, Sam, even though you were half-dead!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not a lot of knitting

I think I'm suffering from Kid Exhaustion.

As I wrote that, Jasmine woke up, sweaty, curly-haired and crying. They're both a bit sick. Just a little bit snotty... but enough to make them unhappy little creatures. So I've been a tired and grouchy mum, even though my hubby's home on holidays.

I almost bought myself this yesterday

but I'm on a yarn diet. Sigh. It probably would have made me feel better, having it to look at, but all the WIP's I have on the shelf are making me feel a bit bad. It's not that I'm not allowed to have as many Works In Progress as I like (it's my hobby). It's just that I don't want to work on anything. I want to start new stuff. lol.

I keep not sleeping well, so that by the time the kids are in bed I'm so tired I can't knit. I've been enjoying working on the Ishbel, but the other night I spent an hour doing one row. It's an easy repetitive lace pattern, but I kept half-falling asleep in the middle of a stitch. When I got to the middle, I couldn't find my place. Between looking at the pattern and looking at my hands to see where I was up to, I'd forget what I just read. Hopeless. Must have spent 15 minutes there in limbo. I had almost finished the 250-odd stitch row when I realized I'd forgotten a few stitches about 100 stitches ago, and I had to tink.

On the subject of tinking, I think I'm going to have to rip back most of what I've done on Jasmine's Bunnyhop Sweater. The whole body is done, but I've apparently used different dye-lots that are now quite obvious! Anyone know how to overdye tencel/acrylic? I might just make it all dark brown or something.

I'd like to go on holidays! Those naughty little kids are driving me slightly cranky! If Byron is grumpy, he'll throw a tantrum and then bawl for 10 minutes (instead of just asking for the toast he left on his high chair), and if he's happy he runs around screeching. Jasmine's not at the tantrum age yet, but she insists on wiping her nose on me, and won't vomit unless I'm cuddling her first. Yuk.

My long-suffering husband reminds me that I'm just tired and I've got what the kids have, and now that he's on holidays I can have some sleep-ins and more "time off". He also made me a holey sock-blocker out of a spare piece of ceiling lining.

Now they're both awake, and I'm going to go get them drinks. I really do love the little monkeys, but sometimes I just need to ...erm... remind myself! lol.

Monday, June 1, 2009


It's June 1, which is the first day of Winter. It's been raining lightly half the day, which is good for the reservoirs, and nice and chilly. We hopped off to the Post Office early this morning to post a "picture" to Byron's "Grandma C" and some yarn to a Raveler. Jasmine was asleep again after that 10-minute drive, so Byron and I went over the road to deliver the tiny shoes and Mousie 2.

The sister's socks are finished, and delivered last Saturday, which was her birthday.

and so I started some more...

I was in the mood for something bright. The black strip is going to be yanked to make a Peasant Heel. You pull out the waste yarn, pick up the live stitches each side, and knit a "toe". Sounds simple. Not sure why all heels are not done this way! lol. I don't much care for short-row heels, and I haven't tried gusset heels with toe-ups yet.

If anyone was wondering about the cushion, it was the toe of Kel's second sock. I realized, after a while, that it was much pointier than the first sock... I'd cast on 16 instead of 24. So I turned it into a teeny cushion. I hate frogging things Ü

And surprise, surprise; I got some yarn. Bendigo Woollen Mills sent me a card with samples of the new Alpaca Rich yarn (55% alpaca and 45% wool). I rang them and got some in "apple" and "denim" and "mocha" the next day!

I just need to finish some WIP's so I can use up some of this stuff. hehe. I need to make a bit of space for whatever I'm getting in Bendigo next month. Perhaps I should be on a Yarn Diet until then... :?

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