Thursday, April 27, 2017


This month I'm having a rest from deadlines. The HPKCHC game gets a bit competitive towards the end, especially, and you begin to feel that you have to knit every spare minute, which does take a bit of the fun out. (We Slytherins came second in the House Cup, by the way, and won the Quidditch Cup!)

My goals this month, therefore, were to get three cranked sock tubes up to "almost finished" (so that I can finish them for "Detention" for 10 points).

 I have these ones, which need the heels kitchener-stitched closed

And these ones, which have a few ends to sew in

 And these ones, which need the hemmed picot cuff stitched down (and then I'll re-dye them! The yarn looked pretty in the skein and horrible knit up!)

 By the end of July I should have 4 pairs of socks in my Box 'o Sox, at least.

My other goal was to knit a chunk of my Gala top from 2012. I'm up to about 200g/35cm here, and should be up to 40cm by the end of the month. (Nothing else to knit!)


I love spinning; it's easy, relaxing and gets lots of points. But my box of handspun is overflowing, so I'm determined to knit up a lot of it. Two of my Ravelry friends and I have started a thread to encourage others to knit their handspun, too. I'm not sure I'll get through all this in 2 months, but I'm going to get through some of it, at least. I'm even planning a laceweight shawl that finally uses my Nobby laceweight (on the right, there).

As for July, well that's Tour de Fleece, so I'm going to undo my hard work, basically, and refill my handspun box! :)

Another Rav friend made me this. LOL. I think I'll change my Ravatar...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


April is a month off, in the HPKCHC, unless you're doing a NEWT. But this month, I'm having a break. Decided it was time to pull out a WIP from 2012 and do a bit of work on it :)

This was supposed to be a quick knit, but of course, things went a bit sideways. I've finished one side, and just this month started side 2. Sad, eh? :)

Of course, I immediately got distracted. I spent an afternoon fighting with my CSM, and changed it back to fingering weight settings and 72 stitches. I cranked these sparkley tubes out!

Plan to almost-finish all of them, and use them for 10-point detention projects in May, June and July. I can't wear them yet, anyway; they're for my Box-o-Sox project. There are a bunch of people doing the same as a big Knit-along, and the idea is to make 12 pairs of socks and then give yourself a box full of new socks all at once. Christmas present :) I only have one pair in there so far, but it's this NEWT pair:

which worked very well, and fit well! There were so many ends to sew in, but I like them lots.

There wasn't much of March left by the time those devils were finished, but I did finish off this Pashmina hat (which was basically a travel-hat for when I needed simple knitting)

and a bit of spinning, which is still the quickest way to get Yards (and therefore points) in the game.

I used two matching singles (of SCF merino/cashmere/silk in "Big Sky" and "Dark Sapphire") and made as much 6ply as I could fit on my espinner bobbin. Then I n-plied the rest. Next term I'm helping run a thread about *using* handspun up! I have an overflowing box (or two) of handspun, and I don't actually knit with it much. I'm planning to use handspun for lots of classes next term.

As for my OWL, I'm doing Defense against the Dark Arts. One of the options is to study the cruciatus curse by doing something painful, and this is what I picked.

Well, this is my bullet journal, but the project is the season 18 Doctor Who scarf. I never watched the old seasons, and don't think I even knew about the famous multicolored one that Doctor #4 wore, but this version, the purple/red/orange one, got my attention in the first Christmas episode of the new Doctor Who. It was David Tennant's first whole episode, and he spent most of it in someone else's pajamas :) but at the end, when he was choosing his outfit, he threw on this scarf as a test, and I immediately thought, "Oo, I like that scarf!"

Didn't realize it was about 20 feet long! Anyway, it's 1272 rows, and each row is going to be 50 stitches (as I'm using thinner yarn that the pattern). I'll knit the whole pattern, regardless of how long it is (mine will probably end up a little shorter... thinner yarn) but it's still pretty OWL-worthy, at 60,000-odd stitches of endless garter stitch in a non-repeating color pattern.

Can't wait to start! Hehe.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Warm stuff

So far this year

I've made a couple of sets from the FlyBuys Madelinetosh, and some random bits in a blue/teal that's not finished quite yet.

I like this twisty pattern, which is basically 4x4 rib on 71 stitches, so that the rib shifts over one stitch every round.

I spent a bit of February sanding and painting a new little cubby for the kids, and made it some little woven curtains.

All I've done so far this month is finish these bright socks,

spin this greenish rambouillet/silk, called Allium

and work on my last NEWT project, which is a pair of colorwork socks called "Irish Dream". I've finished one sock (although sewing in the ends will probably take an hour) and I'm hoping I have time to finish this second sock in the next week.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

February... etcetera.

And writing this on March 2! Sorry I've been a bit slack over here, but lots of stuff has been made, for such a shorty month, and most of it only finished recently. :)


For the third quarter of my Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test :) I made up the pattern "Green Memories". It's a colorwork hat, with matching armwarmers in three of the hat colors. I used Madelinetosh Pashmina for the grey, but the other colors were a set (Lorna's Laces String Quintet) in a colorway called "Newt's Suit". (It's based on the colors he was wearing in the movie "Fantastic Beasts..."). They're a little big on Byron, but he does the serious pose so well... hehe

Last thing to do for the NEWT is a pair of colorwork socks, which I'm going to start next, when I've finished the socks I'm on.


Got out the CSM in the middle of the month, and in one afternoon, cranked 1500 yards of sport weight sock yarn. (Don't have much of that; wish I could trade my fingering weight for lots of it, though!). Then, as I flunked out of CSM school ;) I had to handknit on the toes, cuffs and heels.

These green ones, from yarn I dyed in Jan... hmmm... it occurs to me now that I haven't been here for quite a while. I did make some things in January, too. Here's January's dyeing and February's socks from it. Basically, I just threw it into a pot of green and sprinkled on a bit of blue and yellow...

Then I finished up these ones. These are maybe my favorite for the month, made of Trekking 6ply, so nice and tough, with the heels and cuffs in a different colorway of the same yarn.

Also made socks from that heel yarn :)

Then I knit these ones. Handmaiden Casbar. Merino/cashmere/nylon that I've had in my stash since 2011. It's very silky-feeling, and thinner than the other "sport weight" yarns. I tightened the tension on the CSM a click, but they still seem like socks that would wear holes in a month.

Oh well. They can be my "sitting on the couch" socks :)

They're very long, but I'll just bunch them around my toasty, warm ankles like this.

I haven't finished the 5th pair, yet. They're eye-searing pink and orange (I was originally planning colorwork with black for this yarn) but why not? They'll be in my shoes. lol.

I did make Zac some new socks, though, which he wanted for his birthday. Dyed and knit back in January. Inside 24 hours. You know, just for the challenge.

And I made these ones for Nathan's birthday, handknit from top to bottom. Two strands held together, so it should have been much quicker than it was!!


These two were made from two bumps of SASF, both of which were a green and purple mix that I couldn't see myself using. (Love David's fibre, but green and purple? Not for me.) However, it finally occurred to me that I could just pull the purple/blue bits out of both, and leave the green/blue bits for another skein. Worked great, almost 50/50!

Also split up a very brightly-colored skein that I wasn't sure how to spin into mini skeins of different colors. As the original colorway was called "Hell Broth" (from Macbeth), I called my mini skeins "Wool of bat, tongue of dog, eye of newt and toe of frog". hehe.

Tried to spin thickly, but still got pretty much 3ply sport weight.

This one I didn't like much. I love the "Primordial" colorway, but for the class I had to spin a 2ply. I'm not so good at those, for some reason. Maybe it needs a bit more twist...?

And for Quidditch, I spun up some more thick Nply, that ended up... maybe DK weight.

There were a few other projects in there, mostly things for the Soup Bus. Might add them to the collection for next time! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

School holidays

January used to be my favourite month. Middle of Summer. No school. Swimming, playing and relaxing...

It's still the middle of Summer, and school holidays, but there's not a lot of relaxing when you're the mum! I've gotten used to having those 6 hours off (when I'm not sleeping after work) and now those hours are full of noise. And fighting. And requests! We made a deal that they could have a "late night" every second night, and when those monkeys are finally in bed, I find myself falling asleep on the couch. We aren't going away on a trip or anything, but I'm trying to do a few fun things with them. After all, I want them to love January as much as I used to.

Still, I did get this thing done:

It ended up just over 1000y, and used a skein and a bit of each color. It's an odd shape; the edge on the top there, where I did all the color changes, is curved (probably because it's got less stretch), and the cast off edge (white) is icord, and the other side is stretchy but shorter. I have no idea how to wear it, and I couldn't figure out how to block it, but it's going to be squooshy and warm.

Where I ended up blocking it:

I love the colors; they're all very wearable, and the "white" was really a very speckley multicolored thing.

Pattern: Drachenfels. Yarn: Madelinetosh Sport (with a little Pashmina here and there)

And I finished some spinning :) This is the South African Superfine from last post, spun into 870y of 2ply. I have to do another 130y for the Charms requirement in my NEWT, but that's no great drama. I love spinning this stuff. My colors didn't line up at all! I'm still a newb. LOL.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas! It was 36 degrees Celcius here today. It was fried turkey and bbq steak, and lots of cold salads here today.

Not much knitting happens in the "break" month, unless you're one of the crazy people doing a NEWT. This current one is my 11th, and I'm having fun so far.

This is where I ran out of blue. I ordered some more, though, and it came from Jimmy Beans in about 10 days. The pattern is Drachenfels, which is a big, stripey, 3-color garter stitch shawl/scarf. (It's a triangle, but I kind of hate calling them "shawls" because it sounds old-fashioned. A scarf that's pointy-ended and thick in the middle: that's better. Hehe)

I've almost finished the laceweight spinning

There was only a  teeny bit of fluff left, today, but I had to go to work.

In the days I was waiting for yarn, when I was out and about, or not in the mood for spinning, I knitted up this hat. According to NEWT schedule (where we have to say what we'll make for 50%, 75% and 100%) it's part of the 75% section, but oh well; it's finished early :)

I have to finish the Drachenfels and spinning for 50%, and this hat and matching armwarmers for 75%. Also, this boy :) wants a jumper and socks for his birthday, and I thought I'd just whip up another pair for Nathan, too, since he wears his wool socks all the time (except on days this warm).

Kids are on holidays, now, and Christmas finished about an hour ago. Byron bought me some old Doctor Who, which he plans to watch with me :) so Drachenfels (perfect TV knitting) should be done before the DVD's are finished. The spinning should be done in a few days (around work) and hopefully those socks, between Jan 1 and 5. (yikes).

Internet has been off at our place all week. Actually it's been about 10 days. Sometimes we can get a minute by rebooting the modem, but other than that, no internet and no phone, and mobiles don't work well where I live. So I'm internetting at work, when it's quiet.

Happy Christmas, crafty ones. Hope your Christmas knitting is all done :)

Monday, December 5, 2016


Look at these two, having a modeling competition. :) At the moment, if I say, "who wants to be my model for a photo?", I get eager volunteers. I'm sure they think getting their picture on Ravelry is the height of fame! LOL

Fingering weight woven scarf

Finished the handspun, which is the merino/bamboo I got from Moseley Park's stall at Bendigo this year. I tried to spin it thickly, and then used it for the warp of a wide scarf, alternating yarns across the warp to mix them up.

Jas, volunteering eagerly as usual, but not really feeling well enough to actually smile

Then, for the warp I used laceweight, which I've done before. Turns out very squishy :)

This is the 8th scarf for the year. Planned to weave 12, but 8 is not too bad.

And this one, which is called "3-color cashmere cowl" is my fleece-to-finished-object part of my NEWT. It started off as a dirty Polwarth fleece, and I washed, carded, spun, dyed and knitted it. I think the knitting took as long as all the other parts! It's 550y of fingering weight, and I'm not a fast knitter.

Nice to wear, though. It really bunches up around your neck, and the polwarth is pretty soft.

This one will get the most wear, though. It's all the handspun BFL/silk that I spun for the last NEWT and knitted up for this NEWT. The top is long, and the hem is very wide rectangular shape, which falls nicely and fits well.

Well, that's my tenth NEWT finished, and I'm already started on my 11th! This next one is four projects and a spin (Muggle Studies: make a coordinated ensemble for a Muggle/ Charms: spin 1000y of finished laceweight). There's a shawl, hat, armwarmers, socks, and spinning, all with blue/green/brown colors that seem to be my favorites at the moment. :)

Next term I have plans to make Soup Bus Sets (maybe hat/handwarmers/cowl), and more CSM socks. I'm a bit sick of weaving, but I still want to have 365 different pairs of socks in the drawers :D

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