Monday, October 24, 2016

Spin Spin Spin

In spite of the fact that I forgot to register for Spinzilla, I have still been spinning my fingers off, so much so that the brake tension (which is fishing line) wore so thin that last night it snapped! My main spin, since I was last here a month ago, was an attempt to get maximum yardage for the one Quidditch game where yardage counted, so I spun up this laceweight mix of "Get Happy" and "Silver Mine".

It muted the bright pink and orange nicely, although I can't think what I'm going to do with 1174y/180g of laceweight. Probably Nply it into a useful 6ply ;)

This one is Bond/Suri/Silk called High Hopes. Nice stuff to spin, with the bit of alpaca. Soft and fluffy.


and some more Bond/Suri in "Inca Gold", which I got for free as a random SCF prize.


I also pulled out the dye pots and dyed up some Stroll Sport sock yarn for the kids, which seems to be the perfect weight to make 54-stitch socks on my CSM.

Byron's "black please" socks, which he agreed to let me add a teeny bit of "maybe light green" to.

Jasmine's Fwooper socks (magical animals being the current Slytherin dormitory theme, due to the impending release of the  "Fantastic Beasts" movie, and Fwoopers being my dorm.)

And Zac's bright green socks

Yesterday I cranked both Jasmine and Zac's yarn into tubes (80 minutes, including set up and putting away of CSM)

and today I'm knitting Jasmine's toes.

There's more. More knitting and weaving and spinning, not to mention purchases! Next time... ;)

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