Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Resolutions and stuff

Hi all! Happy New Year! :)

This last year, 2015, tells me I 
knit 12745m, 
spun 29737m, 
woven 2419m.

(More knitting and spinning, less weaving than last year)

I did get a few projects in before the end of the year, but the motivation really drops when you're not earning imaginary points with your crazy internet friends. hehe. I did a little spinning, and cranked/knit another pair of socks.

I think it's Shetland in the "Bitter Chocolate" color, but I'm not sure. It was a prize, and the label said "International Yarn of Mystery." That guy from SCF is pretty funny ;)

Dyed the self-striping yarn a while ago, and cranked a tube. (Bach was misbehaving just doing that this time!) and handknit the toes, heels and cuffs again.

 So far this year I've only finished one thing: a bit fat cowl knit on 20mm needles and using 3 strands of wool. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but it is soft and warm.

But I've started a few things. This term, in the Harry Potter game, I'm doing a 3-month OWL in the subject History of Magic. For that, I'm doing a project for each of the four Hogwarts houses. Zachary's birthday top, being green, is the Slytherin one. So I have started that, and the Hufflepuff charity hat (in sock yarn). I've also started a thick, handspun hat I can walk and knit at the same time, a bunch of double-thick cranky hats, and I'm spinning "Esmerelda" (which is so lovely I kind of hope I never get to the end of it). 

This year I decided to have 5 new year's resolutions. It doesn't matter if I fail, as long as I do some trying. Two are health related (weight loss and pedometer steps) and three are crafty. 

1. Knit 24 pairs of socks. (Must master CSM a bit better to achieve this, but haven't actually unpacked it since the kids have been on holidays)
2. Knit 50 charity hats. (They're going to the local Soup Bus, to whom I promised a bag of hats in April)
3. Destash some of the yarn! I will keep getting my 200g of Southern Cross Fibres to spin each month, but I will resist buying lots of new yarn. (Maybe just a bit, and some at Bendigo)

Today our thermometer says it's 44°C (111°F) outside, overcast and muggy, with a strong, hot wind that smells very faintly of smoke. Summer! So my Steps resolution is not going very well today :) but I haven't bought any new yarn so far, in almost two weeks!!! lol. I did buy a book or two, though, and when it's cooled down I'll drive to the post office. Been meaning to get "Knit Red" for a while.


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