Friday, January 26, 2018


This would have to be my longest running Work In Progress. In spite of me thinking “Chunky yarn vest; should take about 5 minutes”, it’s been going along since October 2012! Of course, the House Cup game, whose deadlines keep me focussed and help me finish most things I start, has been a bit of a hindrance to it. I don’t want to spend hours knitting something that I won’t get any ‘imaginary points’ for. :)

So it’s been one of those projects that I sometimes pull out in the break month, when I had a break month. And this last December; it finally got finished!

It doesn’t fit.

Well, I can wear it, but it’s supposed to be worn loosely. There weren’t “sizes” in this pattern, so I figured using 2 strands of DK held together would “do”. Not so.

But it fits Jasmine just perfectly, as a warm and heavy tunic top/ dress.

One of the things I liked about the pattern is that there’s no back/front; you can wear it either way. :)

Cheeky thing, pinching my new stuff!

But, as one of my fellow Slytherins said, it’s probably taken me this long to knit it because the project was waiting for Jasmine to grow up :)

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