Thursday, December 31, 2009

She loves her hat, but pulls the mittens straight off. Oh, well.

And this is... umm... more Jet that I bought yesterday...

It was $1.50 a ball (instead of about $6.50). Also got some 20mm needles. LOL! This is 50g worth of yarn. I'm not sure what I'm making yet, but it's very satisfying to gain about an inch every time you do one row. And it's surprisingly slow to do each stitch... awkward, I guess. I dropped one stitch, and picked it back up with my fingers. He he he.
Three and a half more hours until the new year, and it's gone from humid and warm (about 30C) to stormy in the last half-hour or so. It's almost dark (because of the clouds, at least) with some sunset poking through at the West horizon. Weird and warm and wet, with lightning.
I bet the rain gets to Melbourne just in time to wreck the fireworks. hehehehe.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Ok, I haven't been knitting a great deal, anyway, and what I have been knitting is baby stuff in gender-revealing colors. But on Boxing Day (Dec 26) my family met to have lunch together, and since there were so many of us, the Four Sisters dumped a collective half-dozen kids on the boys and went to the craft shop. Everything was 30% off, which is always a great excuse.
I knew I didn't need any yarn, but I do like a bit of Jet, and this one

was chatting to me as I went past... "Hey... Jasmine needs a hat... so what if you've got 6 balls of Jet at home; you need some colors!"
Needless to say, this little tiny "Robin's Egg Blue" hat only took a few evenings, and only that long because I ripped half of it out to make it longer.

Actually, the way it striped blue and red annoys me a bit. I like it better in a ball! hehe. I made some easy mitts with the leftovers, and I liked how the color changes worked between stripes of grey. Of course, I only used the stripes because I didn't have quite enough leftovers for two.
The mitts are a little rectangle, 15st wide and about 25 long, a bit of garter on each edge, seamed with a thumbhole space. Jasmine was Not patient enough to put up with a photo shoot (and it's a bit hot for wool right now) but at least she's now got the hat I've been meaning to make since Winter... ;)
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