Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New stash

One of my 5 year goals (I just recently started keeping a Bullet Journal) is to get my stash down to 25 kilos of nice yarn. That's still a lot of yarn, of course, about 250 x100g skeins. But it'll be all nice. Which is why I didn't much hesitate to add these :)

"Tour de Frak" and "I am a bicycle in the Wind", Chameleon Sock by IndigoDragonfly. She donated the money raised to the Yarn Harlot's bike team in the last "Friends for Life Bike Rally" (where the team rides over 600km to raise money for HIV). It's merino/cashmere/silk fingering weight yarn, in two slightly different shades of purple. Very soft!

I got these three lovely yarns from Jimmy Beans, destined to be together in some sort of scarf or shawl. And also from Jimmy Beans... well, I'd saved up my FlyBuys for some time, apparently, because I cashed them in and bought

10 skeins of MT chunky. As usual, FlyBuys yarn is for charity, since my sister and mum both contribute to my FlyBuys points and it's like free money but also a gift. I'm hoping to make some sets of things, rather than just hats this time, because the lady at the Soup Bus said, when I asked if they donated to many women, that they gave to a women's refuge, often, and last time she gathered together a hat, scarf and mitts that 'sort of matched', and the woman was really happy to have them. So I thought I'd make some stuff that matches properly. I'm not sure I can get a hat and fingerless mitts from one 165y skein, but I might be able to make two sets from three skeins or something. We'll see.

I got some Wollmeise in a destash. These are destined for weaving, I think.

And that's the new yarn stash. I did also finish the socks.

These are for Jasmine, who hasn't worn hers yet, because, would you believe, she didn't want to wear them until they were washed and blocked "like you usually do"...

And these are Zac's, who, being completely opposite to Jas, wouldn't give them back after trying them on for "heel placement". So they don't have heels (which he seems to love) and I had to steal them from his room after 4 days to wash them! Hehe.

Also finished this cowl called Armonika, with 2 skeins of MT vintage in "Roasted Hatch Chiles". I could knit with that colorway for a year! It's a simple 4-row repeat, and it folds inward, accordian-like, which makes it sit in a thick, warm layer. Especially if you double it, like this

I've been wearing this one a lot :)

Also made three cranked hats for the Soup Bus with BWM rustic 12ply. Not the softest yarn, but it goes through the Addi very well. They seem to take about 2 hours each :)

And I finished spinning this 200g of 3ply fingering weight yarn from the Polwarth Fleece I got at Bendi, just in time for the 75% NEWT deadline.

I'm knitting it now, after dyeing one skein light green and one dark blue, into the 3-color Cashmere Cowl. It's very simple and time consuming! I'm still a slow knitter! A plain 160st round takes me about 7 minutes, so you can work out how long this 270-row thing will take, and then double it for Distractions. :)

We'll get there. It's very soft!

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