Thursday, October 18, 2018


I seriously haven’t finished many things these last months. I spent all of August and much of September working on two sweaters, which are still not done. One is Fern & Feather, and the other is Boxy. According to my calculations (which I’m keeping, because this is my next NEWT project) I have done 2400 yards of knitting, and neither of them look very finished yet. F&F is going to be long-bodied and short sleeved. Boxy is short-bodied but very wide and flappy :) with short sleeves, but only because they start at the elbow. You’ll see, hopefully by the end of November.

Apart from that, there have been socks and spinning. Nothing awesome, although I really like the colors in this Wren & Ollie sock fibre that I tried:

I made red/orange socks out of Wollmeise, that I ended up hating, but Byron took them off my hands. They’re made with my new 64 stitch cylinder, and fit his skinny legs much better. Did I mention that he’s the same size foot as me, now? I donated about 7 pairs of my socks to him, as he suddenly decided he loved knitted socks and wore the same ones for a week! I finished some green ones (mine) and two pair for Mum. I have purple ones for her still to go, but don’t like how the contrast “purple” worked... so I might frog those toes.

I haven’t actually been finding SCF inspiring these last months. But I just started a prize-fibre I got, which is purple and blue, and will work quite well for some handspun socks, I think, on the new 64-stitch.

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