Saturday, March 31, 2018

Null Hypothesis

Finished, somehow, my double-knit scarf for Ancient Runes. Definitely could have used another month for this, because I had to spend 1-2 hours every day on it. But it's pretty cool... double-sided, goes with anything, a bit steam-punk, warm, soft and 2.5m long.

Here's Zac trying to show both sides for me

And one that shows the middle section (the pipes) a bit better. Man, it's hard to take a squarish picture of both sides of a long scarf!

In keeping with the grey theme, I also knit up some little fingerless gloves. The pattern is called "Something Wicked" and fit in nicely with the poem I'm learning this month, which is (a bit of) the witches' song from MacBeth. I thought it would be fun to mutter "...eye of newt and toe of frog..." while I was cooking, or crushing patients' meds with a mortar and pestle. Hehe.

New pattern, too, by Kristin Lehrer, whose podcast I've been listening to.

And then there were socks... I'm working on my 4th pair for the month, but these orange ones are my favorites so far. Other two are warm but ugly :)

The crazy colored yarn (aptly called Kandinsky )

The current spinning is very blue and calm. And the next NEWT, she is ready to start on April  1. It's going to be a dull and boring month next month!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Amazing Greys

This year, my one and only New Year’s Resolution is to knit more grey stuff. I find, with my typical short attention span, that I make a whole pile of uncoordinated bits and pieces in a wide variety of colors, and nothing looks good together. Not only am I going to whittle down my clothes to more basic stuff (a 5year goal) but I’m going to coordinate my knitting better. 

So this year, grey. Which is probably why I’m currently spinning this: 

Hehe. I finished some light grey spinning, and now I have 4. One to go. We also got these two distractions. The ginger one is called Mars, and the grey one (grey!) is Cloud. 

A bit of color is sneaking in around the edges. Some of my fibre stash is colorful ;) and socks... well, they don’t really count because they hide inside your shoes, right? 

This hat is the start of a set. There’s a bit of green in it (Slytherin!) but who cares. I like the folded hem and the green edge, and that Ivy is one of Malabrigo’s nicest greens yet. It was the one and only project I finished for “The Ravellenics” (knitting Winter Olympics, except we’re not allowed to use the O word, apparently.)

Null Hypothesis made it to the 50% deadline, which is finishing chart 4 (of 7). This is well over 300 rows, and I’m still averaging 4-5 rows an hour, so it’s a bit of a daily chore! I’m keeping up, though, and currently working on chart 6. This is the white side after chart 4. 

And one thick and quick grey/white combo, made on my Addi King Express with Bendigo Woollen Mills High Country. It goes through my machine very nicely.

Next term, I’m thinking of a NEWT that begins by spinning 500g of grey. I’m going to be as coordinated as anything! :)

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