Sunday, August 24, 2008

Winter woolies

This is an oldie... can't remember when I knitted it, but it was my first go at 2-color knitting. Bit frustrating, and had to frog quite a bit. Even now it's too big for him (note the rolled sleeves) but it was nice and cosy on a frosty morning.

"The Slacker Ravelympics" group challenged us to begin and end a project during the Olympics this year. This was my very small project, which I finished yesterday. Worn by (and made for) Byron, who wasn't happy to be a mitten model.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rainbow hats

These are the little hats I made for Linda's twins, who turned out to be boys! (They have a big brother who's about 2; I think having 3 little boys sounds like chaos... but FUN!) Good luck, Linda and Cam!

The bottoms can fold up if they're a bit long, and the 2x2 rib makes them quite stretchy. I find the cast on the least stretchy part, but they should fit for a while. The pompoms are just tied on. I told Linda she could just untie them on the inside if she liked, so I suspect she will. And here they are...

folded up, and modeled by Basa (left) and Bluey (right). (They are clearly not identical twins, but if they were, you could tell them apart by their hats!)

I just love that 4ply colored wool. There is too much red and green, but it's so bright and happy. These were fun to make, though they have a seam, which is probably not ideal for baby heads. Oh well... I hate DPN's! I will practice, Tara, because I am determined to try socks one day, but I just don't love DPN's much... not yet.

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