Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dioxyribonucleic acid

This is a fun little toy! Squishy, cuddley DNA Ü

I made each sugar-phosphate twistie with 10 stitches on two 3mm circulars. One one side you just knit, and on the other side you increase at the one edge and decrease at the other. I wasn't convinced it was twisting for quite a while, but it works...

Then I put them together with my DPN-skewered base pairs, which were 6-stitch icords (11 rows) with the ladder crocheted up, and awkwardly tacked them on. Awkward, because it was as hard to hold as a cactus ;)

You can stretch it out, though the twistiness rebels and springs right back...

Sorry for the color-leeching. I'd already said on Rav that the base pair colors matched Baby Three's cotton singlets, and baby's gender is still a secret.
Meanwhile, here are my two actual contributions to the DNA-pool, KO'd yesterday after running around with Grandma. Filthy, but cute Ü. Don't you just love kids a tiny bit more when they're asleep? hehe.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All Tara's fault

And she knows it, crazy Twilight-enabler.

These are Knucks, perfect for a hot almost-Summer premiere of "New Moon" this Thursday.

It's been cooking for the last 2 weeks, even though it's only November, but I made these to entertain my friend, Chantelle, who is shouting me a ticket on opening day. (I'm her T-enabler. Mwa ha ha!) She plans to entertain us by going into labor half-way through the movie.

Love the finger-down construction. Was fun making 10 teeny finger-stumps. The yarn is 5% cashmere and 95% wool, so it's a bit fluffy and nice and warm. (Just what I need!)

Originally I had the cover of "Eclipse" in mind... a nice simple twisted red ribbon on the cover. Nearly kicked the wall when I got around to actually looking! But my little flower worked out pretty well, I thought.

Did it in white, then painted a mix of food dye and vinegar on with the darning needle. Microwaved it to set the color (hopefully). Wish I could have done the letters more neatly, but, oh well...
Less than 48 hours until we go see it ;)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just in time...

Tomorrow my youngest brother turns 26! I thought I would whip this up for him, quick as a flash...
His birthday dinner was today, and I was only up to the decreases. But I had time. Nathan was taking Byron to the steam rally, and it would just be the girl and I at home. Unfortunately, Jasmine seems to believe that if Byron isn't there to play with, I should play with her all day instead! So I got about 3 rows done while the boys were away.
After the grocery shopping I had about an hour before heading off to the birthday barbecue which, as it happens, is not quite enough time. Instead, I was finishing it off when Matt arrived at our parents' place. Never mind... he didn't pay any attention to my knitting until it was finished and wrapped and I gave it to him (after a quick pic in Mum's bathroom) Ü
Here's a recent bit of handspun from the purple-ish stuff I got. I'm finding it hard to mix in all the colors because I'd rather just split the batt into thinner strips... which you can't really do when you don't want to separate all the colors. I tried, though. Drawing from the whole batt seems a bit hard for this novice...

Also finished the Mystery Bag KAL (which finished without me many moons ago). I'm so sick of it, and I don't much like the finished project. Even though it's Bendigo rustic (which I'm told felts well) I can't make it felt. So it's big and kind of floppy. I did these handle mods:

after realizing that I hated the cable ones. Only did one side, and I didn't mind the cable idea, but it's too fat (and certainly too pink). Neither can I be bothered doing any pockets. Not sure if I'll use it much! Might be fun to do a teeny one, though... hehe.

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