Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shur'tugals woohoo!

Fiiiiiiinally finished my first socks for the SS62011 sock club. Thank goodness we have 2 months to finish them. (Of course, it would also help if I could stop getting distracted by other projects!)

I finished them last night, sitting in Macka's listening to "The Boy From Oz" on my ipod, and doing the "Jeny's super stretchy bindoff". I got so distracted by Jarrod Emick's polished voice, I actually almost left them on the table!! lol!

I just love the way the pattern flows into the heel flap, toes and ribbing. The pattern itself is a bunch of twists that's supposed to look like dragon scales. Red "Smooshy" was a good yarn for it, but I've seen so many beautiful versions from the sock club group.

I did the large size (72st around) with 2.5mm needles, and modified it for toe-up, which worked out fine. I ended up with 25g left, too. Hmmm... red Elijah?...
Here's another little finished object... yet another phone sock. I did this one on 2.5mm, so it's a bit of a tighter fabric, and I ended (at the top) with an icord edge that turned into a crochet chain. Then I threaded the crochet chain through the icord. Looks neat, but doesn't pull open as smoothly as I thought it would. Anyway, nice to use a bit more of the Casbah up.

And look what arrived about 10 days ago! Yarn from Webs, which only took two-and-a-half months to get here! lol. The green is destined to be one of Jacki's patterns...

An unpublished one. Mysterious...
At the moment, though, I'm in the mood to work on Vivian. After all, I started it in 2008... it should be a bit closer to completion than it is!

Monday, February 14, 2011


At Bendi last May I bought a bit of "Ewe Give Me the Knits" fibre that was 80% merino and 20% tussah silk. It's the softest stuff to spin. I dyed it up first to make a Valentine's Day themed color. The 100g braid on the left was thrown into a pot as is, and the others were a bit more spread out. But they all got the same mix of red food dye (with a smidgeon of pink, black and yellow).

The 100g that wasn't braided spun up fairly dark pink, and even though pink is far from my favorite color, I did like this. It had specks of pale green in it, and different shades of pink, and made me think of roses. Awww. ;)

The braided one is on the right. It was much paler, as you can see, so I decided to ply the two different colors together. I find it a bit easier to wind the singles off the bobbin straight onto a ball-winder. Then I let the 'yarn cakes' bounce around in the washing basket while I ply them on the wheel.

The end product ended up a bit thick-and-thin looking. Perhaps it's because the colors contrast, or maybe because I was being a bit lazy. Hehe. This is 208g and 188m. So fairly thick for a 2ply. Hmmm. Laziness it is...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Too cute

You just can't help but love Elijah!

I did this one with Sanguine Gryphon Bugga and 2.5mm circs. The circulars were a tiny bit awkward at times...

but they worked. This Elijah is a present for an unborn baby, and the yarn, I thought, was a nice neutral gold/green color. Remember this pic? Well, the skein I got, knitted up, was a bit less gold, and a bit more "army camo". Since it's no longer quite as "gender neutral" I decided to add an optional pink scarf, with a bit of hand-dyed merino scraps ;) I'm sure a girl will like him just fine, but you know... tiny knitted accessories... I just needed an excuse.

I just love his little round feet :D

Here is a little handspun. I entered the 'competition' on the Ewe Give Me the Knits rav group, and the theme for January was "Australia". Tried to make rusty orange/green/blue. Byron even helped me dye it, which he thought was fun. But I found that I disliked the orange and blue plied together. Can't imagine what I'll knit it into. One for the stash-heap. lol.

February's spin challenge is "Valentine's Day". I dyed last night and started spinning today while the kids were having a nap. It is very pink!
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