Monday, February 14, 2011


At Bendi last May I bought a bit of "Ewe Give Me the Knits" fibre that was 80% merino and 20% tussah silk. It's the softest stuff to spin. I dyed it up first to make a Valentine's Day themed color. The 100g braid on the left was thrown into a pot as is, and the others were a bit more spread out. But they all got the same mix of red food dye (with a smidgeon of pink, black and yellow).

The 100g that wasn't braided spun up fairly dark pink, and even though pink is far from my favorite color, I did like this. It had specks of pale green in it, and different shades of pink, and made me think of roses. Awww. ;)

The braided one is on the right. It was much paler, as you can see, so I decided to ply the two different colors together. I find it a bit easier to wind the singles off the bobbin straight onto a ball-winder. Then I let the 'yarn cakes' bounce around in the washing basket while I ply them on the wheel.

The end product ended up a bit thick-and-thin looking. Perhaps it's because the colors contrast, or maybe because I was being a bit lazy. Hehe. This is 208g and 188m. So fairly thick for a 2ply. Hmmm. Laziness it is...

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Sinéad said...

Gorgeous! You're spinning is terrific. Love the romantic colours, perfect for today. :D

Crafty Tuesday said...

I am in awe of your ability to do this - spinning yarn is a skill I have yet to conquer :-)

Tara said...

So, does handspun count as stash? What about fiber? Just curious... ;)

Ruth's Place said...

The spinning looks great. Love the colours.

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