Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wired for Fibre

Katie is my favorite indie dyer and sells my Luxury Yarn at Wired for Fibre . So when I got some tax back, I decided I'd better honor my recent Stash Pledge (lol) of Quality over Quantity. So, before I could spend up on barrels of bargains, I headed to WFF and filled up my trolley with very nice stuff.

Here they all are again, L to R...

This one is Tidal, which I used once before, I think, on Zachary's little kimono sweater. He was wearing it today, but he's almost grown out of it, little chubber. I got just a bit of "Lauren", which is 10-12ply/ heavy worsted, because it was beautiful to knit up my Paper Moon hat with.

Haystacks. The photos made it seem mainly green and yellow, and I bought it for it's Springish colors (it's very wet and yukky-grey here lately). But there are a lot more colors in there, and they're all mixed so well... sigh. I'm glad I got two.

This one is such a color-mix. No plans for it yet, but I love it. It's mostly rusty reds, but it's also got some grey-blue and some gold... hmmm.
Elizabeth is a fingering-weight merino. In spite of my hatred for all the grey clouds, I love the grey color range, so I bought some 4ply. It's not the cashmered-up one, but I'm still thinking a shawl or lace scarf...
Also thought I'd try some 100% silk in a semisolid gray. What shall I do with 230m of silver silk? Hmmm... :D
Fate would have to be my favorite colorway from WFF. It's just a dark green semisolid, but I love it a lot. This one's an 8ply, because I already have one, and decided I needed another (to have enough to make anything). I'm thinking of mixing it up with another skein I have of... hmmm... elusiyan, I think, and making Jasmine something.
And now I have to knit knit knit, or my stash-weight is going up this month. Can I knit half a kilo in a week? :D hehehehhe.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fat socks

Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10ply, in Ice (light blue) overdyed with some green and brown.

Not sure how well that blue cuff matches, but it's under my jeans, anyway. I ran out of yarn just a bit after turning the heel. These are 130g.

The foot pattern is inadvertantly similar to jaywalkers. I just K2tog, K3, YO, K1, YO, K3, SSK twice on the 22 stitches on top, and did it all the way around after the heel. Like the way it pulls the toe and heel-back into a heart-shape.

They're not identical, but close enough for a dye-dip job.

And very thick. I hear that Luxury wears well as socks, and these are fairly tightly knit. So we'll see how long they last before they wear holes :D

I do love that Fleegle Heel. So easy and fits so well, and never leaves a hole at that corner. Hmm.
Stay tuned for a little yarn-splurge. Got some tax return money to spend, and my destash got hijacked for a few minutes. Just a few minutes, but that's all it takes with online shopping! They should arrive here in a day or two.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts. Not much going on over here.


Monday, August 2, 2010

The math

Stash out:
73g - leftover from June
70g - Jelly socks
107g - bag for J
95g - scarf for B
84g - moebius bag
250g - Picovoli
adds up to 679g.
Stash in:
Remains of finished objects previously unweighed: 220g
Bendi loot, not counting unspun fibre: 218g
241g off. That brings me from 17.9kg down to 17.7. LOL. It seems I have enough yarn for 265 years.
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