Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm three

The poor little kid was so worked up about his birthday that he had trouble sleeping the night before. He had a wonderful day, though, opening presents and playing with some friends at MacDonald's, seeing more family, heaps of balloons, yet more presents, and icecream cake!
Naturally, he vomitted all over his birthday jumper soon after this, but it was mummy's fault, really... for not taking him seriously enough when he said, "I'm going to vomit"! I took him more seriously the next time, and whipped him and his sister out of the bath in time. Now he's made it a hatrick, but with less mess, as there's nothing left. Happy birthday!
I enjoyed the jumper yarn so much I decided to use it for a hat. It's A Hat Fit For a Nephew, my nephew, Michael. I posted it, though he lives 15 minutes away: the parcel in the mail is part of the birthday present! hehe. Byron is my model again:

Tried to get Zach with both mittens on. He seems to love them. Must be tasty wool. Wouldn't hold them still At All. Funny little monkey...

Also been giving in to the dyeing addiction. I divided up a 200g ball of Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10ply (in the Ice colorway, which is pale blue) and did some coloring in.

They worked out ok. I think I could eat them both... I had to put them away in the yarn stash, out of sight.
Now that I'm finished my blue jumper and blue hat, I'm onto another blue project. Byron's little best friend, Zara, flicked through my WLK book one day, and I told her she could pick something for a birthday present. She picked Mousie, in "blue, please". lol. So I'm making her a very nice cashmerey one with some WFF Olivia mini skeins I bought myself for my birthday.

I may or may not have also gotten a few other luxuries. But that was a while ago, now. I have saved up my cash again, and have $180 so far, for Bendigo. Two months to go!


kelgell said...

Ha ha. I was going to ask if you have any left for Bendigo.

It's cute that Byron was so excited about his birthday. Should have tried to see him or at least ring but as part of my present is taking him Happy Jacks I might just save it until I can take him. Sounds like he had a good day...apart from the vomiting. Hope his jumper cleans up well enough. :S

kelgell said...

Byron makes a cute mini bogan with his dirty singlet, flanney and beanie. He he.

Lynne said...

Happy birthday Byron.
Zach looks very cheeky with those mittens!
You seem to be well prepared for a trip to Bendigo! LOL

Sinéad said...

Happy birthday Byron, hope the rest of your day was ok (apart from the vomits lol)
I love the look on his face as the cake is in front of him, he looks so excited!
And I want a loan of Zach. Just for a little while, just enough so I can get lots of noms and snuggles. He is TOO cute!

Tara said...

Aw, poor Byron! Although I *did* get a chuckle out of the whole "of course, then he barfed" comment. Ah, 3 year-old boys :)

Ruth's Place said...

Both the dyeing and the knitting are lovely!

Poor little lovie being sick on his birthday, I'm sure he still had a wonderful time.

Maria said...

Popped over from Ravelry - really love the browny-greeny yarn

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