Saturday, May 22, 2010

Paper Moon

This is the first repeat of the hat band for an interesting-looking, differently-contructed hat called Paper Moon. It's for a 1920's party next weekend.

I'm loving the soft, dark grey, thick wool, and my shiny Addi Turbos are just the thing to knit it with. But it's not really TV knitting, so I've been whipping up this. It's an all-knit, make-up-as-you-go dress for Gillian, who has been far too naked since the kids lost most of her clothes ;-)
I was watching day-time TV (as you do when three kids sleep all at the same time but you're too tired to take advantage of the quietness to do Housework) and saw on a cooking show that honeycomb is Amazingly Simple!

Boil up some water, sugar and golden syrup, mix in some bicarb, let it cool. (Just don't let it cool in the pot, or you'll never use that pot again!) lol.


Lynne said...

Yum honeycomb! Your kids'll be at you to make some more very soon!

Anonymous said...

mmm honeycomb. my favourite... and that colour really suits gillian :)

kelgell said...

That hat is cool! Can't wait to see yours in real life. Quite interesting.

And homemade honeycomb?? I so have to get the recipe and try that one!!

kelgell said...

Oh, and the name of that pattern reminds me of the song "Paper Moon" from about that era. I'm gonna have it stuck in my head for the rest of the afternoon I think.

me said...

Your hat is beautiful - what a great color and great cable! The Barbie brings back wonderful memories!!!!

Ruth's Place said...

I read on a parenting forum recently that you should only do housework when the kids are awake, so that they learn how, and understand that you do it, not the magic fairy elves...

Tara said...

Can't belive you knit a dress for a Barbie! lol You're like the best mum EVER :)

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