Friday, May 28, 2010

18.4 kilos.

This was going to be a new year's resolution, but I changed my mind.
Here is the yarn from three shopping bags. One is yarn for my sock-club next year. This basketful weighed 6.4 kilos (after subtracting the laundry basket).

The insides of the bags.
Further yarn stash, in the big suitcase under the bed. Mostly big balls of Bendi. 4.7 kilos.

And here is what I could find on the shelves... another 7.3 kilos.

That's 18.4 kilos.
So my goal for the next 7 months is to decrease that number. What I buy will be added and what I knit will be subtracted. I think it will help me be more selective about what I spend my money on. No more: "$2 each... woohoo... I'll buy 15!" My yarn weighs quite a bit more than any of my children (though perhaps Zach will overtake it by the end of the year...) and it would probably be good for me to lighten the burden on the shelves and make a bit more house room, for, you know, living in and stuff. Ü


Lynne said...

What fun you must have had rediscovering stashed yarn! Good luck with your goal.

Karin said...

It's nice to go through stashed yarn. I hate to tell you how many plastic totes I have filled with yarn. I need to reduce my stash too.


Esther said...

But... unless you give away everything you make, it won't actually reduce the amount of stuff in your house. It'll just reshape it and make it more useable for a different purpose, like wearing. :-)

I've only just started my yarn collection and I've already got two plastic bags full. My problem tends to be saying, "I don't know which colour I want, so I'll get 4 or 5 different ones and decide when I get home."

kelgell said...

Wow. That makes it sound like you really do have quite a bit. So did you lose some stash weight with a bit of liposuction when you gave me some for my birthday present?? I got some yarn from others too. Well, I'll have to help you out a bit by amusing your kids sometimes....or just come knit with you. He he.

Alrischa said...

Unfortunately, no, I didn't count your present, since it was already wrapped up. So I can't take off 0.2 yet!

Sinéad said...

Oh dear. Stash discovery. This happens to all knitters every once in a while, when they realise just how much yarn they have, get the guilts and can't justify buying any more until some is used up.
Hang in there, it doesn't last too long, at least until the next sale when you can't resist that bargain!

Alrischa said...

LOL. I know; There are only 6 or so weeks left until a big yarn spend-up in Bendigo. I'll just try to go quality over quantity, and see if that helps :D

Thea said...

Wow! I'm very jealous of your stash.

Tara said...

Weighing your stash, eh? Dunno if I'd want to try that, my scale is pretty old... it might break! lol Good luck with your yarn diet :)

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