Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bootleg and Beaded Bags

As my sister has just Thursday, Friday and Saturday left of her 20's, she's having a 1920's Theme party on Saturday night. I'm not much of a dress-up sort of 'skirt', but I didn't really need much of an excuse to cast on for this:

It's Paper Moon by Beth Hahn. You start with a long, wide band with odd cables and a picot-type edge. It has about 2000 "through the back of the loop" instructions, and every line is just written out. There were 3 repeats of a 40-row pattern, then about 60 more rows for the button band, which wraps around the outside.

My button didn't fit through the buttonhole, but I just tacked it all down anyway. I picked up 128 stitches instead of 120 to give it a bit more width (I don't have regulation flapper-hair) and then ran out of yarn (!) with about 10 decrease rounds to go! Fortunately, it was already tall enough to just decrease from about 40 to about 10 in one swift round of sk2po's. It looks fine.

The yarn is Wired For Fibre, Lauren, in "infinite". Jake to knit with, and certainly makes some darb get-up. It's the bee's knees :)

See you Saturday, sis. With hooch ;)


Kyoko said...

What a gorgeous knitted hat! It's so pretty.

Lynne said...

Have a great time at the party!

Anonymous said...

totally cool and funky! have a great time!

Sinéad said...

I love it! Have a great time at the party!

kelgell said...

Awesome! I'm guessing that's some of the 20s lingo you found. Ha ha. Only heard of the bee's knees before but I could so hear the 20s drawl.

Karin said...

Love it. Hope the party is enjoyable. It will be cool to see how other people are dressed.


Tara said...

It looks great on you, Tam! Did you give it to your sister or keep it for yourself?

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