Friday, July 27, 2018

The rest of June

The NEWT is going along nicely, although I only have a few days left to finish it. I should be alright! Back in June, I handed in 75%, which was half of the Astrid. I’m loving the grey-shaded fabric, and the double-sided edge cable. But there are a LOT of stitches to knit!

Zachary has been asking for these for a while. I bought yarn from a destash especially to get the right colors in a sport weight, and they were time-consuming to knit. But he adored them!

Note the past tense, there. He adored them for about 2 days, and then he lost one. It still hasn’t turned up. Sigh... I have enough yarn to make another one, but have not yet summoned the will power!

Crank socks! Managed to get two shortish pairs from one skein of Hedgehog (“Goblin”), using a bit of other sock yarn for the heels/toes/cuffs.

I tried a quick and easy project, which was to crank a skein of handspun laceweight through my CSM. This was a 200g 2ply mix of “Time” and “Space”. I loosened the gauge, and had to block it by stuffing it (it was longer and thinner at first) but it turned out pretty nice! It’s certainly soft!

I did manage to spin and knit Jasmine’s new snake for her (though I pretended I hadn’t started it for a while... hehehe). It turned out a bit chunkier than the other green one, but she likes her.

She’s longer than the original snake, and does look more poisonous, I have to say! :)

Next post will be all spinning, as the Tour de Fleece has taken over July!

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