Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stupid black ribbing...

Finished the silly thing. K3P2K3P2K3P2....

That Cleckheaton Country Tartan 8ply is not bad stuff. Not completely black. But black enough.

Here's where I got up to on my first All You Need Is Love gLove. Took me a while to decide whether to do the white or blue background, but I'm glad I picked white. It's easier to follow the chart when white is white.
See that odd square on the left? Pattern problem. It's where the start and end of the chart meet, only it's a spiral, of course, and when you get to the start again you're a row higher. Will fix that later with some duplicate stitch, and do the other one a bit differently.

Here is 434g of merino ready for the Tour de Fleece! The idea is to 'spin' with the cyclists on the Tour de France, each day from July 2-24 (with days off on the 11th and 18th). This yarn, and the 300g I recently got from EGMTK, will have to hold me until July 15, when I get some more from the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Festival. It's my annual day off!! I'm also going to look into a small loom to play with.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yet more knitting :)

Part of the fun of this knitting game is finding ways to do your own thing, and work it into the parameters of the classes. For instance this little Wurm was made for the daughter of the previous Wurm recipient. She's turning 4 next week, and I said I'd make her a hat "like Mummy", only she requested "pink and blue". But for the class, I had to call it a Cauldron :D

Yes, I took a picture of it, upside down on the stove.

I wanted to do some spinning, because it's easy (I did most of this in an evening) and gets good bonus points for yardage. This is Transfiguration class, because I'm "planning" to turn it into a colorwork something in the future.

Here's what the boy was doing behind me just before. I finished plying the green while they were having a nap (supposedly) and so left out the wheel. When Byron "woke up" shortly after going to bed, I let him have a spin. He used two feet on the pedal, but he got it going round and round eventually. hehe.

I'm going to Mandie's shop at Bendigo (her stall at the Sheep and Wool Festival) in about 3 weeks, but I couldn't resist a little fluff from her online store. This one in the "Hermione" colorway will definitely be in a class somehow.

But this is my favorite. Wonder how it will spin up...

She promised me that she's mixing up some good merino/silk colors for Bendigo, so I'll come home with a bit, I suspect.

I have been knitting. Here is where the Jasmine 3 is up to as we speak. I've finished the body, and I just have arms to do, a button band and some kind of neck. Love everything about this top so far.

And now, back to the boring class... A hat Nathan asked for in all black ribbing. Only a few inches to go...

Friday, June 10, 2011

So far at School :)

I've been busy knitting and spinning things for 'classes' for this fun Harry Potter knitting game. Didn't realize how slack I've been putting some of them on the blog, though. You've seen the astronomy spin, the first OWL gloves, and the Muggle Studies yarn bomb. Here are a few other school things :D

First, OWL gloves number 2. (Mahayanas).

A cootie. An argument started in the Slytherin common room about people who have cooties, and we realized the cootie infestation was so widely spread that we made it the theme of the month. The challenge was to make a cootie, and sneak it into assignment pictures all over Hogwarts ;)

A japanese fighting beetle for Defence against the Dark Arts (note cootie)

A lined knitting bag for Care of Magical Creatures

A phone sock with an ipod pocket inside for Ancient Runes
Self striping yarn for Potions. Since this was EGMTK fibre, I put it on the EGMTK group for the "May spin", and won a random prize, which is waiting at the Post Office for me... pics later.

Quidditch. Didn't participate in all "quaffles" but did make this little Snape

and an Animal Cracker hat

So far this month I've made a Wurm hat for History of Magic

and a new outfit for Poppy for Muggle Studies.

Total points for Slytherin so far, aside from Quidditch and the June classes, is 221. Woohoo!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I got mail

Madeline Tosh MCN worsted 80/10/10 in Warm Mushroom. 700g, so it should be enough to make a jumper some time... but which one? (Need to browse Ravelry some more!)

Wollmeise sock yarn in a very lovely green. I put it on the kitchen scales. It's 170g. Think I could get two pairs of socks out of that.

And a little bit of Shelter.

It's June, so I'm scouring the House Cup classes trying to think of ideas for classes. In particular, I'm trying to fit Wurm into one of the options, because my friend Telly asked for a hat, and an extra pair of gloves, which Nathan asked for. Any suggestions are welcome.

Meanwhile, I've finished glove number 3 of my Arithmancy OWL, and the 4th is near the end of the wrist ribbing. It's a fun stitch pattern, and much easier than it looks.

P.S. Live Below the Line is finished! The first thing I ate was lemonade and a bit of chocolate birthday cake I'd frozen. (Didn't want to miss out on my 4yo's cake, especially since he helped me make it.) Nice to eat what I like again, but I'm trying to stick with the small meals still. Lost 7 kilos in May, and it would be fun a shame to gain it all back in chocolate.

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