Friday, June 10, 2011

So far at School :)

I've been busy knitting and spinning things for 'classes' for this fun Harry Potter knitting game. Didn't realize how slack I've been putting some of them on the blog, though. You've seen the astronomy spin, the first OWL gloves, and the Muggle Studies yarn bomb. Here are a few other school things :D

First, OWL gloves number 2. (Mahayanas).

A cootie. An argument started in the Slytherin common room about people who have cooties, and we realized the cootie infestation was so widely spread that we made it the theme of the month. The challenge was to make a cootie, and sneak it into assignment pictures all over Hogwarts ;)

A japanese fighting beetle for Defence against the Dark Arts (note cootie)

A lined knitting bag for Care of Magical Creatures

A phone sock with an ipod pocket inside for Ancient Runes
Self striping yarn for Potions. Since this was EGMTK fibre, I put it on the EGMTK group for the "May spin", and won a random prize, which is waiting at the Post Office for me... pics later.

Quidditch. Didn't participate in all "quaffles" but did make this little Snape

and an Animal Cracker hat

So far this month I've made a Wurm hat for History of Magic

and a new outfit for Poppy for Muggle Studies.

Total points for Slytherin so far, aside from Quidditch and the June classes, is 221. Woohoo!


Lynne said...

I love the yarn in those owl gloves - so pretty.

Tara said...

This knitting game is off the cuff!!! Too fun. And I love the cootie :)

Sam said...

wow, you have been very busy!

Sinéad said...

What? How have you knit this much and gone back to work, and have 3 kids? Insanity. Do you sleep? LOVE the cootie and the mitts, by the way.

Ruth's Place said...

Looks like you are having great fun. I love the astronomy yarn!

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