Thursday, June 2, 2011

I got mail

Madeline Tosh MCN worsted 80/10/10 in Warm Mushroom. 700g, so it should be enough to make a jumper some time... but which one? (Need to browse Ravelry some more!)

Wollmeise sock yarn in a very lovely green. I put it on the kitchen scales. It's 170g. Think I could get two pairs of socks out of that.

And a little bit of Shelter.

It's June, so I'm scouring the House Cup classes trying to think of ideas for classes. In particular, I'm trying to fit Wurm into one of the options, because my friend Telly asked for a hat, and an extra pair of gloves, which Nathan asked for. Any suggestions are welcome.

Meanwhile, I've finished glove number 3 of my Arithmancy OWL, and the 4th is near the end of the wrist ribbing. It's a fun stitch pattern, and much easier than it looks.

P.S. Live Below the Line is finished! The first thing I ate was lemonade and a bit of chocolate birthday cake I'd frozen. (Didn't want to miss out on my 4yo's cake, especially since he helped me make it.) Nice to eat what I like again, but I'm trying to stick with the small meals still. Lost 7 kilos in May, and it would be fun a shame to gain it all back in chocolate.


Lynne said...

Congratulations on your seven kilo loss - well done!

Your yarn haul looks great too.

Tara said...

Very nice stash enhancement!! Love the colours of everything, too. 7 kilos, eh? Good for you!

kelgell said...

Oo, I'm going to make a wurm one of these days. Yay to food variety. Nice that you lost 7kgs. I'm eating too much chocolate myself. I think I've lost a little but I haven't been self disciplined enough to really lose much.

Sinéad said...

Wow, congrats on the weight loss! And I'm delighted to see you got some Wollmeise and Shelter. You'll love knitting with them!

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