Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yet more knitting :)

Part of the fun of this knitting game is finding ways to do your own thing, and work it into the parameters of the classes. For instance this little Wurm was made for the daughter of the previous Wurm recipient. She's turning 4 next week, and I said I'd make her a hat "like Mummy", only she requested "pink and blue". But for the class, I had to call it a Cauldron :D

Yes, I took a picture of it, upside down on the stove.

I wanted to do some spinning, because it's easy (I did most of this in an evening) and gets good bonus points for yardage. This is Transfiguration class, because I'm "planning" to turn it into a colorwork something in the future.

Here's what the boy was doing behind me just before. I finished plying the green while they were having a nap (supposedly) and so left out the wheel. When Byron "woke up" shortly after going to bed, I let him have a spin. He used two feet on the pedal, but he got it going round and round eventually. hehe.

I'm going to Mandie's shop at Bendigo (her stall at the Sheep and Wool Festival) in about 3 weeks, but I couldn't resist a little fluff from her online store. This one in the "Hermione" colorway will definitely be in a class somehow.

But this is my favorite. Wonder how it will spin up...

She promised me that she's mixing up some good merino/silk colors for Bendigo, so I'll come home with a bit, I suspect.

I have been knitting. Here is where the Jasmine 3 is up to as we speak. I've finished the body, and I just have arms to do, a button band and some kind of neck. Love everything about this top so far.

And now, back to the boring class... A hat Nathan asked for in all black ribbing. Only a few inches to go...


Sam said...

love the ‘pond scum’ yarn, it’s looking gorgeous!

Tara said...

Ooh! Jasmine 3 is looking great! Can't wait to see it finished :)

kelgell said...

Wow. You've been busy. Love how you're adapting work to fit into your classes. Ha ha.
Looking forward to seeing your post about the Show. Wish I could go again with you. Do you have lots saved up for it?
I like the fibre you got too. It's quite interesting to see how it goes when spun coz it's usually quite different than I imagined.
And Jas' jumper is coming along nicely. Looks like it fits her well too.

Sinéad said...

My you've been busy! Jasmine 3 looks fantastic.

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