Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More scarves

 Scarf number 1/10 has a dark green warp of Wired For Fibre: Joan, the same sport-weight I used for the Bloom. The weft is Noro in blue/green/grey. It's hard to get a photo of the color change, which is pretty subtle. Thought it would be good boy-color, though it had better soften up a bit in the wash... This one is for my brother Simon.

Scarf 2/10 doesn't need anything to be soft. The warp is Lorna's Laces in "Intelligence" and the weft is Madelinetosh sock in Winter Wheat. Kelly picked the yarn from my Ravelry stash page (best she could do from the other side of the world...) so this one is hers.

Today I finished off the body of my Opulent Raglan. It just needs a neckband and sleeves. I added about 15cm to the length, and finished it with the same twisted rib that runs down the side of the main cable (instead of a turned under hem).

It's been great Spring weather here this week. Byron keeps saying to me, "Why don't you knit outside?". lol. Here are Byron and Jasmine having a go at knitting. By the end of the day there was a spiderweb around the swings, puncture marks in one of their toy chairs, and the needles were banned. Again. But they had fun...

Jasmine is very keen. I'm not going to teach her how to knit yet. Maybe when she's 4 or 5. At the moment she just likes to run around with a piece of material saying, "Look at my beautiful knitting!" and thread circulars through and through a ball of wool. hehe.

I also made some armwarmers, and a Kindle cover that became an oven glove (because it refused to felt and shrink). More projects are in the works for this month. I hope to do at least 2 more scarves, a bit of spinning and dyeing and finish off Poppy. And do some weeding :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September stuff

Quidditch (task 1). Spin thick and thin cotton. I bought a pack of cotton balls. It was not pretty :) but it was fun.
Charms: Craft something you need now. (I needed this for Elijah)
Detention: Kitchenered the toes on Sept 1. (Detention is for finishing WIP's)
Care of Magical Creatures: Elijah is so cute, but my hands ached from the tight M1R's.
Herbology: Bloom took the most time, but I love it heaps :)
Quidditch (Yule Ball): Paired up with Mediaperuana (on Ravelry) and we each made these booties
Muggle Studies: Knit for a charity. 20x20cm garter stitch squares.
Div: Didn't much like spinning with angora and 'glitz'.
Astronomy: toilet roll holder. The flowers lift up like a lid. Fun.

At the moment I'm working on

Detention (WIP's). I started a hat a few hours before the official start of October.
OWL. I've done 4 pattern repeats of the cable now. Jumpers take forever!
Potions. I don't have to do it this month, but it was kind of easy and fun. I'm washing some fleece.
BROOM (Order of the Phoenix Mission). Woven scarf number 1 (of 10)

and I'm thinking about how to fit Poppy and Tiny Shoes and spinning into classes about Icelandic Staves, Animagi and Fractals (That's Ancient Runes, Transfiguration and Arithmancy). I might have to get creative. I'm also trying to figure out what to do for Quidditch. I want to make a felted Kindle cover, but I don't know quite how to relate it to the goal of "make something to represent Charlie Weasley".

This month is a Thinker, that's for sure.

Knit Night tonight! I'm taking my OWL and working on the 5th cable repeat. I think I need to do 7 or 8, and I have to finish the body by the end of the month. Work work work.
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