Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September stuff

Quidditch (task 1). Spin thick and thin cotton. I bought a pack of cotton balls. It was not pretty :) but it was fun.
Charms: Craft something you need now. (I needed this for Elijah)
Detention: Kitchenered the toes on Sept 1. (Detention is for finishing WIP's)
Care of Magical Creatures: Elijah is so cute, but my hands ached from the tight M1R's.
Herbology: Bloom took the most time, but I love it heaps :)
Quidditch (Yule Ball): Paired up with Mediaperuana (on Ravelry) and we each made these booties
Muggle Studies: Knit for a charity. 20x20cm garter stitch squares.
Div: Didn't much like spinning with angora and 'glitz'.
Astronomy: toilet roll holder. The flowers lift up like a lid. Fun.

At the moment I'm working on

Detention (WIP's). I started a hat a few hours before the official start of October.
OWL. I've done 4 pattern repeats of the cable now. Jumpers take forever!
Potions. I don't have to do it this month, but it was kind of easy and fun. I'm washing some fleece.
BROOM (Order of the Phoenix Mission). Woven scarf number 1 (of 10)

and I'm thinking about how to fit Poppy and Tiny Shoes and spinning into classes about Icelandic Staves, Animagi and Fractals (That's Ancient Runes, Transfiguration and Arithmancy). I might have to get creative. I'm also trying to figure out what to do for Quidditch. I want to make a felted Kindle cover, but I don't know quite how to relate it to the goal of "make something to represent Charlie Weasley".

This month is a Thinker, that's for sure.

Knit Night tonight! I'm taking my OWL and working on the 5th cable repeat. I think I need to do 7 or 8, and I have to finish the body by the end of the month. Work work work.


kelgell said...

You could make your kindle cover with a fire or dragon pattern. Or maybe a singed and seared look. (Close call.) Or with scaley pattern.

I like reading how you make things relate. And your shrewdness like starting something just before the new month so you can claim it as detention. Ha ha.

Alrischa said...

I was going to wash some fleece for Potions, spin it for Ancient Runes, and knit and felt it for Quidditch. But Task 2 has to be done by the 15th... I wonder if I could dye a picture into it after it's felted? Handpainted flames or something...

kelgell said...

You probably could. Would be interesting to try. If it ends up wierd just claim it's fireproof. ^^

Sinéad said...

I don't know how you get so much done, I bow to your superior skillz!

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