Thursday, September 29, 2011


A little bit of new yarn...

Some lovely Wollmeise from Aussie destashers on Ravelry:

Wollmeise Sockenwoll 80/20 in Versuchskaninchen (Forest Green)

Wollmeise 100% merino Superwash in Skandal um Rosi (From a song)

 Wollmeise merino Superwash in Ebenholz.

And from Jimmy Beans, a little bit of Madeline Tosh, an actual boxful :)

Vintage in Opaline, Luster and Morning Dove, Pashmina in Thyme, Vintage in Nutmeg.

And a whole jumper-worth of Vintage in Corsage: 7 skeins.

 I don't buy much pink yarn, that's for sure, but I like this greyed-down, close to purplish shade.

School Report: It's the 29th, and I have 44 more hours of official time to knit. But all I have to do is 1 and a half ears on Elijah, and he is done. Then I have done 6 classes, the 2 Quidditch options, detention and almost a third of my OWL. I'm up to date!

My chosen mission this year is to do The Order of the Serpent Third Class. I have completed Detention and 6 of the 11 different classes. Next month I need to do Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and Transfiguration, as it's the only month those three are offered, which leaves Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts for November. I've done some Quidditch (The First Task and the first part of the Yule Ball), but I'll try and continue on with it, since I'm on the team as a beater, and have to set a good example. (And those Hufflepuffs are beating us, which is just not on.) I have to finish my OWL, and I have to finish my Order Mission (which I can't start until Oct 1).

So much fun :)


Ruth's Place said...

I haz yarn envy :)

Gorgeous haul!

Sinéad said...

Oh! Oh! Wollmeise! *sigh* I love the Ebenholz shade, it's gorgeous.

Lynne said...

Beautiful yarn to add to the collection!

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