Friday, September 16, 2011

Half done

Babyniece's Bloom. The skirt has little lace diamonds, and balloons out a bit. It looks very small, but I can see that it will stretch.

OWL project, which is (mainly) the Opulent Raglan. It is like a short cropped singlet at the moment, but it fits

A bit of dyeing for a couple of matching projects.

one of which is...

 An actual finished thing: a 107g skein of "Gaga", which is angora, glitz and wool, and I will not be buying it again. Angora is soft but yukky to spin, and glitz is like plastic. Bleurgh!

A couple of squares for blankets. I was going to do a whole blanket, but they finish on September 30. :(


Sinéad said...

Love the dresws, it's going to be gorgeous when finished. Elijah is the cutest elephant ever!

Ruth's Place said...

Elijah is going to be stunning. Love the dress.

Tara said...

Must make an Elijah one of these days... it's just beyond cute!!!

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