Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Byron's 3rd birthday jumper

Almost three years ago we were holding the beginnings...

of this little monkey!
How cute has he gotten!?
And here is the Weasley Sweater AKA Byron 3. This is Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8ply in Oceanic and Lake; I held one of each strand as I knit with 7mm needles. It's good stuff! He only had a singlet on under it, and he did not want to take it off Ü

7mm was a teeny bit loose, but my 6mm ones were unavailable Ü . I loved the speckly mix of two similar colors. It's just a plain bottom up jumper, knit in the round as much as possible with a slab of Double BasketWeave on the front. I love it. It looks very blocky in this shot, but very curvy in 'real life'.


Striking a model pose. LOL! He thought he was pretty funny.

The neck was a little wide, I thought, but it's only really a pattern for my own reference! Next time I'd probably use 6mm needles, but I'd leave the rest how it is, a bit oversize and chunky.

The back is plain.

And after this I took it off him for wrapping! It's not his third birthday until May 17.

Wool: two strands of DK weight yarn held together
Needles: 7mm circulars
Cast on 113, 56 for front, 57 for back. Do Moss stitch edgings, 9 rows
Knit 9 rows
Do a 2 wide DB on the front, ie, k5, do DB pattern, k5 on the front. (36 rows)
Then separate front and back after 56 rows.
(On the back: Knit.)
Back top: cast off two at the start of first two rows. Then knit (or purl) two together at the start of each row until there are 45 st left. Knit until 6" from beg of armhole. K12 onto holder, cast off until final 12, knit 12 onto holder.
Front top: Decrease for arm holes same as back, until 46 st left. Knit 4 more rows. Knit 18, cast off 10, knit 18.
On each strap, cast off two on the neck side every right-side row, until there are 10st left per strap. Knit 9 rows, inc 2, then kitchener to the back shoulder.

Neck: pick up and knit 66. Rib 9 rows.
Sleeves: pick up and knit 45. Every 5th row, decrease one under the arm. Finish when long enough with 9 rounds of moss (requires an odd number of stitches). I did 45 rounds before starting moss stitch.
[nb: all the multiples of 3... Ü ]
DB pattern (in the round)
(st. no. required: Multiple of 18 plus 10)
Row 1. *K11, p2, k2, p2, k1. Repeat from * across, ending k10.
Row 2. *K1, P8, (K2 P2) twice, k1 repeat from * to last 10, K1, P8, k1
Row 3: as row 2
Row 4: as row 1
Repeat 1-4.
Row 9: Knit.
Row 10: *(k2p2) twice, k10. Repeat from * until last 10, k2p2 k2p2 k2
Row 11: *(k2p2) twice, k2, p8. Repeat from * across, ending (k2, p2) twice, k2.
Row 12: as row 11
Row 13: as row 10
Repeat 10-13.
Row 18: purl.
Well, it's after midnight again, so I'd better... just do a few more quick things before I go to bed :D


Anonymous said...

oh such a cute boy, and a wonderful jumper! happy up-coming birthday byron.

Lynne said...

He is so cute. Those gorgeous dark eyes and cheeky grin!

Happy birthday for 17th May Byron.

And Luxury is great, isn't it? Imagine wearing a handknit with just a singlet when you were two? Or when I was two back in the dark ages!! LOL

kelgell said...

So you got it done in time! Nice work. He must like it!! Or at least was in a happy mood to be so photographic and posing even! Wow. Cute photos.

kelgell said...

And the model poses... What have you been watching lately?? He he.

Alrischa said...

It's a monster/frowning phase. He's enjoying being a growly little monster or dinosaur, but if you frown back he cracks up laughing. Scares off the kids at MacDonalds a bit, though, with the roaring and stomping...

Ruth's Place said...

This is a lovely jumper! And Byron is adorable. I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

Karin said...

Love the sweater and Byron is such a cutie. He could easily steal my heart.


Tara said...

Love the "strike a pose" shot :) And how funny that you wrapped it after letting him model it! Too funny.

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