Thursday, August 23, 2018


July was mostly about spinning, of course, but a few other things got finished.

This Astrid, which was my NEWT project (along with spinning all that yarn)

And then there was this Mission project - a bunch of Hedgehog sock yarn in speckley colors going from pinkish to greyish. Loved all the knitting (it was all stockinette, as I just did a wrap and turn at the start of the purl sections) and the speckles were kind of fun. There are all sorts of colors in there.  But in the end, the purpose was a cowl, and it just doesn’t keep my neck warm at all. And it’s not the loose shawl-type thing I expected when you pull it down, either. I guess I can fix it, but fixing things... that tends to get put off indefinitely.

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