Thursday, April 16, 2009


This is a tiny cushion. Accolades to anyone who can guess why I made it Ü

Here are some more Neon socks. The striping will not match up. I believe it is random. But I still love the subtle changes. The old ones felt a bit in the wash, but they're so warm, it's worth it!
Since I finished them, I have some "space" in the Ravelry queue for WIPs. My goal is to keep it to six. I have the Vivian, the gloves to go with the calorimetry, and my sister's socks (I have started the second sock). I cast off the stupid tube that was an improvised dress and turned it into a felted hot water bottle.
Having three spaces meant I could cast on the Ishbel scarf from Ysolda's book (with my birthday yarn). I was going to do it in the red (a different colorway I have of the same Wired for Fiber yarn) but I love the green. Besides, I cast on a simple Scarfy Come Home in red and orange, the alpaca yarn I dyed recently. And now that Byron's birthday top is done, it's time to get onto Jasmine's... tonight I cast on most of the stitches.
I'm doing the Bunnyhop pullover for her, but in the round. The 18m size is 530 stitches at the bottom, and since my eyes were going weird, I had to stop (it's 12:34am, and I got up at 5:20... why? For a bit of time to myself. Worth sacrificing sleep over.) But I'm using DK instead of worsted, so I'm leaning towards the size 2. I don't even want to know how many stitches that will be. It's going to go so slowly after Byron's one. But it will be so cute!
Also bought some more yarn. Pictures soon. More WFF luxury stuff. Sigh.

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Tara said...

The stripes on your socks are fairly subtle, so it doesn't really show that they're fraternal rather than identical. NO idea what the cushion is for!

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