Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More little stuff.

Here is the little lion in his bright yellow/orange hooded vest. He might be the disadvantaged kid (of all my children) when it comes to knitted presents, because I'm bound to improve as I practice. However I followed the instructions, used the right yarn, and even knitted a swatch, so how the hood could be so big, I don't know. You could chop out a handful on each side of his face there... but he's still cute! I do like the ears Ü

And this... is a baby hat made of bamboo/cotton mix. It was the softest, nicest yarn, and I struggled and knit it on 5 dpn's... but it just didn't work for me. For a start, it's too "cotton" (which I really should have known right away) so it didn't stretch and mesh together like wool does. It looks too aerated to keep a baby head warm. And the errors (like when I'd accidently pull out a needle instead of grabbing the empty one, and then put the stitches back on wrong) are easy to see. And it's harder to hide the ends. On a good note, the 2x2 rib hides the dpn ladders well, and using 5 needles instead of 4 seemed to help. But I was going to make two of these for my friend's twins... and I can't bear to waste the time making another one!

Instead, I started a bright colored one with baby wool. I started it on Sunday, I think, and it will be finished tomorrow, if not tonight (Wednesday). I love it. Forget that bamboo/cotton rubbish. I gave the rest of the white ball to Byron, for his knotty amusement, and it ended up in the bin.

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Tara said...

Hi Alrischa!

Thanks for reading my blog! Your little man Byron is quite the cutie-pie! And that lion costume is adorable, really. I sould definitely knit some more fun stuff like that (my husband keeps bugging me to knit a toy for the kids, but I keep resisting). And about pulling out the wrong dpn when working on your hat? I do that all the time. Eventually, even if you put your stitches back on the needle wrong, you'll be able to tell when you get to those stitches, and you can usually correct the problem by knitting them through the back loop.

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