Thursday, October 15, 2009


I actually made it to a knitting group night this month, though as I was leaving, I realized all I had on the needles (that I could be bothered to do) was for the new baby in a give-away-the-secret sort of color. What to knit.....? I grabbed Ysolda's tiny book and some freckley skin-toned Cleckheaton country 8ply and headed off.

The woman at the restaurant asked if I was here for a birthday or... what? I told her I was looking for knitters, and she took me around to a fireplace surrounded by armchairs full of knitters ;) Very cosy and nice, especially after they turned up the lights a bit more.

The baby top has been neglected ever since, until I finished this little project:

Decided to knit on some knickers ;) You start at the top of the head and knit down to the toes, no seams, kind of like the kimono top I'm doing for the bub. I liked the freckles.
The instructions for hair didn't work out for me, mainly because it was so easy to pull strands out. So I put them in individually, folding them in half, threading the loop through a stitch and pulling the ends through the loop, as you do with fringes on a scarf. The hair's a cheap version of Zhivago, and it was pretty messy until I waved her over the kettle steam and it magically straightened! If only it was that easy in real life...

The dress was Cleckheaton tapestry, I think.

It's Jasmine's doll, but Byron has adopted her for now. He he he.
Back of the dress... I'm sure I'll make some more clothes, since they're so easy and fun.

And that's about all I've been doing, you know, in all my spare time. Ü


Sam said...

that's so cute! I love her hair - I imagine it was pretty time-consuming to do!

me said...

How fun is this!!! What a great face (on Poppy and the wee one holding her!) Bravo on a knit well done!! I love the series of pictures too - fun to watch her come to life!

Tara said...

As a rule, I'm opposed to knitting toys. However, that doll is SO adorable!!! Well done, I'm sure Jasmine will love it if Byron ever lets her get her hands on it, heh.

Alrischa said...

He hasn't really let her play with Poppy yet, but she's managed to step a muddy footprint on her and smoosh a bit of green playdough into her eye, so she's getting a bit of contact time ;)

Anonymous said...

That is the darlingest knit doll I've ever seen! Beautifully done, great idea for the yarn.

Karin said...

Such a cute doll. You did a great job. I'm afraid of doing toys because I think they are too complicated, but I guess I should overcome my fear and just try one.


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