Saturday, December 3, 2011

A few little things

 This one is a quick hat made for my little friend, Saphy, whose 2nd birthday party is today. Her big sister swore her favorite color was orange :) (AKA Charms homework)

 This one started out as a sock... then became a small sock... then became a little bag. I really just wanted to try some colorwork. (AKA Care of Magical Creatures homework)

This is a little dye and ply. I wanted blue and white, so I got some alpaca singles that someone gave me, dyed one blue, and plied them together. (AKA Muggle studies homework)

And this was a 200g ball of alpaca (BWM) in a boring beige, that got recycled into some Jasmine Pink. I wanted to make self-striping yarn, so I made this skein that is 40m around. The skein goes around the gateposts, but with the clothesline to "bend it in the middle". The clothesline, being 10m away, makes it a 40m skein. I dipped one end into pink, and one end into purple, slowly, so the colors would meld in the middle.

(AKA Divination homework)

So far, for the game, I'm on almost 700 points, but the class bonus points for November haven't been handed out yet. You don't get much for dyeing, but the DADA spinning should earn a few. Hopefully.


Lynne said...

Lovely dyeing nad knitting results!

Sinéad said...

Love the hat, but the bag is fabulous. Really gorgeous colours. Brilliant pic of your yarn wrapped around the garden!

kelgell said...

Yeah I like the hat too. The bag made me think of a thermos warmer or some kind of bottle warmer. But then it's almost winter over here so there's lots of warmer things on my mind. And in the shops. ;) The skein dying looks like it's worked great! Wonder how it will work out self-striping?...

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