Thursday, July 3, 2014

End of June

I spun up one of the lots of Wensleydale. Don't like the feel of it much; it's a bit coarse. It spins up pretty easily, though.

Had fun making this one. I started this one in church, as I sat there with just Zachary, and I told him I was making him a green hat. He flung his arms around me and said, "Oh, thank you, Mummy!" with lots of enthusiasm... So funny. I added some Shrek ears, too, which he loved. Really. This is his "I'm an OGRE!" face :)

 The second lot of laceweight is done. I have 150g each of the dark and light green, so I decided to spin 3 skeins, one of each, and one with a strand of each. So the one on the left here is the new one, with a strand of each, and the one on the right is the previously spun laceweight in the dark green, for comparison.

 This one turned out to be the thinnest yet: the single was 100g and measured 1240m.

I also pulled out this green "Dream in Color" yarn, leftover from Jasmine's 3rd birthday top, and made up a teeny Puerperium. Only took a few days to knit, but I washed it, and it took several days to dry! :) It's for my nephew (due soon)... and I think I'll make another in blue Rios. I've washed and de-pilled Jasmine's old top, too, which Zac has now grown out of. Might give it to Lyla (the new nephew's big 2yo sister) so they can match. Hehe.

Also spun a bit of merino. Was trying to spin this thickly (for Quidditch, where the minimum was 300 yards) but accidentally got twice that length (in singles). hehe. 

I finished spinning this one, today, again, trying to spin thickly. 648y. I just can't spin the fat stuff very well. It ended up being only a quarter of that, because this is the 4ply yarn for my NEWT. It was fiddley to keep tension on 4 plies at once, but I like how it worked out. 

The Tour de Fleece is coming up shortly. The Hogwarts Headmistress asked me to be the captain of the team this year, which is fun, and exactly 100 people are signed up so far. Think I might start with some green :)

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ruthsplace said...

Lots of lovely spinning and knitting (as always). I also have problems spinning thicker, I adore your 4 ply yarn and the grey laceweight is gorgeous.

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