Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Considering that a NEWT is a 4-month project, I'm pleased that I've completed another one, successfully! This one, for the Harry Potter game on Ravelry, was a combo of Muggle Studies (make an ensemble of Muggle clothes) and Transfiguration (Vanish lots of fibre/yarn). I used 10 bags of lovely stuff from Southern Cross Fibres, spun them all, and knit up a top, gloves and a cowl. For the Transfiguration element, I had to use a new technique, or practice one I haven't used for a long time, so I picked entrelac.

Idlewood, with a ribbed cowl instead, and a bit of colorful entrelac.

Proposition, which I showed you months ago, getting the Kissy kiss of approval.

Cowl, which I just made up as I went.

I like the cowl better as a headband, especially since Idlewood has a cowl neck.

I also finished my Mission scarf in time, using up 500g or so of handspun from my boxful of handspun.

And I made a woven scarf up, using the yarn Jasmine dyed last month. I separated the colors a bit, by making it 8 strand squares of color and white. "Clown barf" (as rainbow yarn is often called) doesn't tend to actually knit up well; it pools and mixes badly, sometimes. I think the dilution was good for this yarn!

Besides, it's Jasmine's present for her teacher, who is nice, and doesn't deserve to have her eyes burned out ;)

And Jaz is happy. Now I just have to get on with Byron's present for his teacher... and a few other things before this month ends.


ruthsplace said...

You are so productive! Love the scarf, awesome teacher gift.

kelgell said...

I love the scarf too! Superb work with Jasmine's dyed yarn. Works really well. Sure to be a favourite teacher's gift. The teacher's will be hoping to get your kids next year.

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