Friday, February 13, 2015

V- day

Happy Valentine's Day!

We don't worry about V day in our house, not at all, but this year I am spinning the Summer Club fibre from Kathy's Fibres, which is called "Red Roses". It's actually a mix of merino and "rose", though I understand that "rose" doesn't actually mean crushed and stretched protein fibres from rose petals, but some kind of plant-based fibre. It's soft, anyway, like silk, and is adding white flecks to the red, like bamboo does. Surprisingly, it doesn't make it pink at all (regardless of what my camera might say).

I have nine nights off work; this is the first. I'm putting a few WIPs here to see how much progress I can make in nine nights and 5 school (kid-free) days. This is the project I've been taking to work.

More Jaywalkers, because zigzags are fun! This is the yarn I dyed back in September, which was completely rainbow-stripes, and then I made a big skein and dipped 2/3 into the black. The color actually shows through the black a bit, which is hard to see here, but gives it a kind of oily-look. I like it.

 I didn't take another noodle shot, but the Elizabeth is a 2-color lump of noodles, now. I finished chart 3 (of 8), which is row 117 (of 225) and 27%. I have used 209 yards of my light green. My finished shawl (for the Charms OWL) needs to be 800y, so I might have to add a few rows at the end, but that's fine. Now I'm knitting with the middle-green, which is one ply each of the light and dark. I'm going to listen to an audiobook (Middlemarch) and see if I can get up to 30% before I fall asleep :)

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ruthsplace said...

I love the way your black stripey yarn is knitting up.

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