Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Byron 8

Finally finished this top for Byron, and steam blocked it at 2am on the morning of his birthday. LOL. He did appreciate it, though, and wore it for half the day, until his party at an indoor playground

The TARDIS pockets are "bigger on the inside" (the whole front bottom half is one big pocket) and it's nice and long. And cotton! I used Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton 10ply, and it's actually not too bad to knit with, but it doesn't fluff-together at all. I used 4.5mm needles on all but the hood, but if he wears a white shirt you can see the white through the moss stitch up the front.

He's not one for smiling for the camera, either, but he did have a fantastic day. A lot of people gave him Lego and things to build, and sciency things, so he's as happy as can be. :)

I also finished this Bond/Silk laceweight. Only 636 yards of N-ply laceweight this time. Hehe. It will make a very soft lace something one day, if I ever knit with it.

I'm still working on thick Holi socks, and I've started another spin. I'm also battling with this new Thing.

His name is Pepper, he's 10 weeks old, and he loves wool as much as any kitten. He's actually not too bad with it, but when he wants to Play you don't get much else done. Hehe.

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ruthsplace said...

Happy belated Birthday to Byron. The top looks wonderful and the spinning is amazing. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who takes a long time to get to their handspun...

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