Monday, June 15, 2015

Fred and George

This is the "Fred and George" part of my NEWT. To represent their twin-ness, I made skeins that were matching but different, and made of the same stuff. I spun up a skein of colorful fibre and a coordinating blue fibre, and Navajo-4plied them into two skeins. This is Fred’s (because it was finished first), which is 3 plies of the colorful one and 1 of the blue

 and George’s, which is 3 plies of the blue and 1 of the colorful.

The skeins are both made of the same colorways of Polwarth/Tencel, the same construction, and almost the same yardage (266 and 270). They go well together, but are not exactly the same.

It wasn't easy to ply! N4ply is a bit tricky on its own, but that kitten of ours was making a nuisance of himself again. Still, it's done, and the two together are more than enough for the triangular 'scarf' that I'm going to make with them for Bill.

And then, I finished these for Zac.

He loves them, and has worn them so much they look old. He immediately began pestering me for the matching balaclava I said I'd make him. lol.

I've put a few more hours into Sprig and Paprika, but mainly I've been spinning. I won a random draw over in the Southern Cross Fibres group (for knitting that Barley hat with SCF a few months back). David sent me this Discworld one.

We are having a "mega spin-a-long", which involves a few popular dyers dyeing colorways that have to do with the characters from Terry Pratchett's Discworld. This one, however, wasn't available to buy, as far as I know; it was just made for prizes. So I spun it up into sock yarn to make some bright Finn socks... maybe next month.

Horace the Cheese
I've been reading a bunch of his books, too (there are about 40 in the Discworld series). Silly but clever, much like "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".  Pretty funny. Make me chuckle to myself as I walk around the supermarket, sometimes, like a crazy person. :)

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ruthsplace said...

Gorgeous spinning as always! I can't get over how much your little one is growing up.

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