Monday, November 23, 2015

No new socks

hehe. I have 8 days to finish two pairs. I'm knitting toe-up and I'm past the heels in all 4, but I need to get a move on.

Keep getting distracted by spinning, though. I'm on holidays... and getting nothing finished!

Oh well. I've added a few more things to the pile of handspun.

Golden Moss (polwarth/bamboo) and Land Under Sea (merino/suri/silk)

The gold one goes with the Autumn from last post, but I'm thinking of weaving these two together for a scarf.

Tundra (merino/qiviut/cashmere/angora/silk/tencel!)

Kelly gave me this one (well, yarn money, with which I bought this very soft mix). It wasn't very easy to spin (angora is short fibres that tend to felt together, and I've never spun Qiviut before, which was 25%) but it's so, so soft. I spun all the grey first, then the colored one. Not sure exactly what to make yet, but probably something for around my neck! (Soft!!)

I knit up Jasmine's hat (though she wasn't in a modelling mood, as it was hot. lol)

and used the Crank to make this double-thick cowl. The start and finish are Kitchenered together, and the wool is Cormo from the Tonne of Wool Project. It's warm as toast.

All those nights off and that's all I've done. Well, back to it. These purple socks have the oddest heel. You increase on the top of the foot, separate the right and left around the heel (so the line of XO cables works) and then Kitchener the up the back of the heel.

Kitchenering the back of the heel. Check out how the knitting needles are almost the same size as the darning needle. Hehe.
Then you pick up stitches along the sides of the heel (top edge of the cable) and knit the leg straight up. Odd. I think I'll have to knit a pair or two of patterned socks every now and then, just for the experience. I hope to get my Speedster soon (there were tariffs and taxes to pay! Didn't know it would cost so much, especially with the US-AUD exchange rate, but it's apparently on its way).

Hope I can figure it out!

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