Monday, December 5, 2016


Look at these two, having a modeling competition. :) At the moment, if I say, "who wants to be my model for a photo?", I get eager volunteers. I'm sure they think getting their picture on Ravelry is the height of fame! LOL

Fingering weight woven scarf

Finished the handspun, which is the merino/bamboo I got from Moseley Park's stall at Bendigo this year. I tried to spin it thickly, and then used it for the warp of a wide scarf, alternating yarns across the warp to mix them up.

Jas, volunteering eagerly as usual, but not really feeling well enough to actually smile

Then, for the warp I used laceweight, which I've done before. Turns out very squishy :)

This is the 8th scarf for the year. Planned to weave 12, but 8 is not too bad.

And this one, which is called "3-color cashmere cowl" is my fleece-to-finished-object part of my NEWT. It started off as a dirty Polwarth fleece, and I washed, carded, spun, dyed and knitted it. I think the knitting took as long as all the other parts! It's 550y of fingering weight, and I'm not a fast knitter.

Nice to wear, though. It really bunches up around your neck, and the polwarth is pretty soft.

This one will get the most wear, though. It's all the handspun BFL/silk that I spun for the last NEWT and knitted up for this NEWT. The top is long, and the hem is very wide rectangular shape, which falls nicely and fits well.

Well, that's my tenth NEWT finished, and I'm already started on my 11th! This next one is four projects and a spin (Muggle Studies: make a coordinated ensemble for a Muggle/ Charms: spin 1000y of finished laceweight). There's a shawl, hat, armwarmers, socks, and spinning, all with blue/green/brown colors that seem to be my favorites at the moment. :)

Next term I have plans to make Soup Bus Sets (maybe hat/handwarmers/cowl), and more CSM socks. I'm a bit sick of weaving, but I still want to have 365 different pairs of socks in the drawers :D

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