Thursday, March 16, 2017

Warm stuff

So far this year

I've made a couple of sets from the FlyBuys Madelinetosh, and some random bits in a blue/teal that's not finished quite yet.

I like this twisty pattern, which is basically 4x4 rib on 71 stitches, so that the rib shifts over one stitch every round.

I spent a bit of February sanding and painting a new little cubby for the kids, and made it some little woven curtains.

All I've done so far this month is finish these bright socks,

spin this greenish rambouillet/silk, called Allium

and work on my last NEWT project, which is a pair of colorwork socks called "Irish Dream". I've finished one sock (although sewing in the ends will probably take an hour) and I'm hoping I have time to finish this second sock in the next week.

1 comment:

ruthsplace said...

I adore those colourwork socks! Love the woven curtains in the cubby!

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