Monday, March 10, 2008

Toy sheep

er... modeled by my little gorgeable adorous boy, Byron, who drags it happily around the house. I made it from a pattern in "Treasury of dolls and cuddly toys" which looks like a book from the 60's, but is in fact from 1990. What it should ideally look like is on the front cover.

I used two strands of 8ply for the wool, as I have no idea what Boucle is. The legs are extremely dodgy, and I couldn't work out the ears, nor tail, so I made something up. It looks a bit wolvish, to be honest. But Byron likes it.

Slipper number two is cast on. I haven't sewn up the first one yet, but the white "fairy floss" is sooo soft. I wonder if the legs should be narrower, but I can't be bothered frogging all that rib when the first pair of slippers were the same... and ended up looking perfectly cute.

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