Thursday, March 13, 2008


These are the easiest baby boots in the entire world, and you find the pattern at ... it's so short you'll probably miss it. Here are the instructions:

3mm needles and baby yarn.

Cast on 34 stitches and knit 14 rows

k2tog twice at start of next two rows

Cast off 3 at start of next two rows

Do K2P2 ribbing for 14 rows

Cast off, fold in half, sew up seam.

There are a few errors in mine, but it's hard to tell with this fluffy wool. In fact, I couldn't even count the rows. But it hardly matters. They will look good on the new baby's little feet!
Next project is undecided. I've bought some colorful fat wool, and I'm trying to decide what to make with it...

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