Thursday, April 3, 2008

Birthday wool

Yesterday was my birthday, and I took my birthday money (and some of my own) and visitted a few local yarn shops!

"Sue's Sewing and Craft" was the best. Very friendly little shop with lots of decently priced wool, and the first thing she did was pull out a box of toys for Byron, so I could look around more easily. I went to "Workbasket Wool Shop" by myself, but I doubt I'll go back there. The wool is expensive, and there are no prices listed anywhere. I was embarrassed at the checkout, because I had to put wool back that was far out of my budget...

Anyway, my total wool purchasing (thanks, Gran) came to 3 balls of merino totem (for a watermelon hat), 4 balls of yellow Zoomy (hoodie for Byron), a white and a grey ball of bamboo-cotton mix (baby hats, I think, maybe for Linda's twins), some Opal sock wool, some more Prism (for the scarf I'm on), 3.75mm set (to try 8ply socks), 2.75mm set (to knit the Opals when I've had some practice) and cable needles (have lost the one I had behind my ear... somewhere).

Byron continues to be "interested" in knitting...

...especially in whatever yarn I'm using at the time. I have given him his own wool; he doesn't care. He wants mine. My sister kindly wound this back up for me Ü

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Sam said...

ahhh the work basket.. It's my local yarn store too, and it's a funny place. Definitely not cheap, and dear old Thelma is most definitely not the friendliest person around! Sew's on the other hand is great! Especially when she has a sale!

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